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Business Evaluation Systems

Business Evaluation Systems

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Business Valuation Software

From the Publisher:

Great Evaluation Software Especially Designed for Business Brokers!

Business Evaluation Systems (BES) takes the original Business Evaluation Systems program that was created especially for business brokers to a new level. The new BES Pro features 32-Bit architecture with video tutorials for easy use. Simple, but sophisticated. You don't need to be a CPA to get great results. A new method, Discounted Cash Flow, has been added to the original program. Over 2,000 brokers in North America currently use Business Evaluation Systems. George Abraham, one of the leading creators of appraisal software, developed BES, the fast, easy and accurate way to put a value on a business. You'll never have to worry about business appraisals again. This program helps you correctly appraise a business and set the optimum-selling price. This sophisticated, yet easy-to-use program gives you the confidence to know that your listed price is a fair one for both the buyer and seller.

Four easy steps to fast, accurate appraisals. You don't have to be a financial wizard because the software briskly guides you through the appraisal process. Answer the 72 questions that appear on your screen about the business and its operations. Review and assign weights to the evaluation methods. Structure the terms of the deal. Print the detailed, yet comprehensive 37-page report created in Microsoft® Word for easy editing. Add great looking charts with the click of your mouse.

The Sales Cycle is shortened because Business Evaluation shows prospective buyers the return on investment they can expect. Buyers have the reports and justification they need to quickly make purchasing decisions. The comfort level of both the buyer and seller are increased because the listing price is fair and based on real-world information. Set yourself apart other brokers by using BES and watch your referrals grow. By providing a comprehensive approach to business appraisals, you are quickly identified as a preferred resource. Increase your profits by putting BES to work for you, and provide your clients with professional business evaluations that will add to your bottom line.

Optional Module: BizComps Database

While the base methods in BES will help establish a baseline for the company value, adding the optional BizComps database of comparable business sales will give you and your client the assurance that your valuation is based on market prices. BizComps contains data on the sale of 7,300 small business in the U.S. (most with a value under $1 million). Select the most relevant sales transactions for your client's industry and size, and BizComps downloads automatically into BES's valuation project and client report.

The New Market Data Appraisal Report Module establishes a Multiple Value and Range using 5 easy steps:
  1. Select Industry data
  2. Fill in Company Information Profile
  3. Select the Appropriate Valuation Multiple using either Price/Revenue or Price/Sellers Discretionary Cash Flow
  4. Enter Company Balance Sheet data at Fair Market Value
  5. Automatically Create a 6-Page Narrative Report in Word (in addition to BES's report).
Please note that the companies in the BizComps sales database are U.S. companies and are not applicable in other countries. Also, no returns are allowed on the BizComps valuation statistics.

Request a free sample report output from Business Evaluation Systems and screen shots of the questionnaire!
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Glen Haddad, corporate mentor, VR Business Brokers: "By answering just 72 questions in about 45 minutes, a business owner gets a great general idea about what his business is worth. . .ValuSource’s BES gives you rhetorical reports as well as mathematical conclusions. That’s twice the value you get from most packages. . .I use it because in my opinion it’s always accurate, and I use it because it always generates a higher price for me than other brokers get using just rules of thumb."

Click here for a comparison matrix of our valuation software offerings.

Business Evaluation Systems is ideal for valuing companies under $1 million and for customers without significant financial statement and/or valuation expertise. CPAs or others with valuation backgrounds may want to consider Express Business Valuation or ValuSource Pro.

For more information, call Lauralee at 800-825-8763 ext. 105 (please mention that you found this product on

Business Evaluation Systems - 1 year subscription.

Note: this product is available as an online service. You will receive a login and password in 1-2 business days.

SKU-294 $425.00

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