ACH Universal

ACH Universal

Automate the creation and transmittal of ACH transactions for payroll, payments to vendors, collection from customers and more.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Universal is an easy to use program that assists you in automating and simplifying the ACH transaction process. ACH Universal has a wide range of unique features such as creating files to pay vendors or for employees, collecting funds from customers, or transferring funds between bank accounts. It provides an automated, secure, easy-to-use solution for creating, importing and transmitting ACH files.


Wide Range of Key Business Benefits

ACH Universal helps

  • control cash flow by precisely defining when funds are remitted
  • reduce administrative and clerical processing costs
  • reduce clerical errors
  • eliminate the problem of lost or stolen checks
  • reduce reconciliation costs

Wide Variety of Uses

ACH Universal can be used to create and transmit ACH transactions for

  • Collections from customers
  • Payments to vendors and governmental agencies
  • Payroll to employees
  • Consolidating funds between accounts in different banks
  • Processing Notifications of Change

Create Transactions Easily

ACH Universal allows you to easily create ACH transactions by running a report from your accounting, billing, or industry specific system for the transactions you want to create - and importing this into ACH Universal. Create files in any NACHA format including ARC, CTX Pass-thru, POP, RCK, TEL, and WEB.

Import Data from Virtually Any System

ACH Universal can import data from virtually any accounting, payroll or billing package. In addition to performing a 'traditional' file import, you can 'copy and paste' directly from Excel or import from Access, comma delimited text files (csv) or fixed width text files. Whether an existing system is a stand-alone version of Quickbooks, an enterprise-wide implementation of PeopleSoft, or simply transactions in an Excel spreadsheet – ACH Universal can work with virtually any data source.

  • ACH Universal creates profiles to hold account and routing/ABA numbers for those accounting packages that do not store this information so you can perform recurring payments and collections.
  • Also allows for 'pay-as-you-go' transactions without creating a profile for each recipient.
  • All transactions can be imported in batch, or entered manually, regardless of the transaction method used. Customer, employee and vendor profile information can be imported in batch, or entered manually.

Transmit ACH Files Effortlessly

ACH Universal can transmit easily via FTP or email, or take you to login to a bank's web portal. The built-in scheduler can provide for automation of many of the download, conversion, and transmission processes, easing concerns about missing deadlines and cut-off times. ACH can be automated to accept data from your accounting system, create an ACH file, and then transmit it directly to the bank. The Easy Steps program assists you throughout the process and contains context-sensitive help.

  • Transfer funds between controlled accounts in different banks. This feature is often utilized by multi-location companies wishing to consolidate ('roll-up') funds from depository accounts held in various banks.
  • Retransmit the exact file again with one click if the Internet connection goes down, the bank loses the file, etc.
  • Provides transaction correction prior to transmittal.
  • ACH Universal sends a confirmation email to you, a colleague, your bank, or other recipient that you designate, indicating that the process was completed.

Export Reports Efficiently

ACH Universal can export a variety of industry standard and user ad hoc reports to the screen, printer, Excel or HTML.

Files are Secured and Protected

Files are encrypted and signed with industry standard PGP encryption, including all Bank of America FTP transmissions. Advanced security features include: SSL (Secure Socket Layers), custom port address, firewall - local and remote. Each record from import to transmission contains a full audit trail.

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