Turn your Excel spreadsheet into a powerful statistics engine.

Analyse-it is an Excel add-in that turns your spreadsheet into a powerful statistics engine while maintaining its straightforward user interface. Analyse-it provides descriptive statistics, ANOVA, group comparisons, correlation & multiple linear regression functions.


Utilize the power and ease of use of Excel.

Analyse-it becomes part of Excel so you can add significant statistical power without the training required for a stand-alone statistics package. Analyse-it complements the existing power of Excel allowing you to analyze data directly on your spreadsheet.

Add sophisticated statistics functions to Excel.

Analyse-it significantly expands Excel's limited statistics and data analysis functions including:

  • descriptive statistics functions for single variables
  • comparative descriptive statistics for multiple variable comparisons
  • categorical descriptive statistics for category data
  • 1 sample z-test and paired and independent t-tests
  • 1-way ANOVA
  • 1-way repeat measures ANOVA
  • 2-way ANOVA
  • F-test
  • Wilcoxon signed ranks and Mann-Whitney U test
  • Friedman & Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA
  • Sign test
  • Runs test for randomness
  • Nedian test
  • Fisher Exact
  • McNemar test
  • Chi-square test
  • Binomial test
  • Cochran Q test
  • Simple and multiple linear regression
  • Pearson correlation
  • Spearman and Kendall rank correlations
  • Polynomial regression.

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ZD-Net Editor's Choice, 5 stars: "Analyze-It for Microsoft Excel is an add-in that turbo-charges Excel's statistical capabilities. . .Analyze-It integrates beautifully with Excel, adding a new menu stocked with statistical functions plus an extensive online help system which includes three step-by-step tutorials."