askSAM 6.1

Standard $149.95
Professional $395.00
askSAM 6.1

A powerful database for managing information, but designed for users, not programmers.

askSAM allows you to easily organize your company's knowledge, information, files and documents and to report on them--with no programming required. It's the ideal solution for simplified information/document organization and management.

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Import and Store Data from a Variety of Files:

Text, HTML, e-mail, Word, Word Perfect, Access, dBase, Foxpro, Excel, Paradox, ODBC import, RTF, comma or tab-delimited or fixed format files. Version 5 adds the ability to import PDF files and e-mail attachments as well as the ability to link to any type of file.

Automatically Create Databases from any Stored Information.

askSAM takes your imported or entered information and turns it into a fully-functioning database including indexes, links and forms to manage the data. Store policies, best practices, meeting minutes, training materials, sales literature or any documents at all.

Fast, Powerful Searches

Quickly sort through the data to precisely identify and retrieve the information. All without having to learn a complex programming language! Perform full-text searches for any word or phrase; wildcard searches with * and ?; Boolean searches (AND, OR, and NOT); parenthesis in Boolean search logic; proximity searches; numeric searches (>, <, >=, <=, <>); date searches; "fuzzy" searches; search through multiple askSam databases; and case sensitive searches. New features in Version 5 include "remembered lists" for storing query results, sorting searches by relevance and indexing specific fields in the Professional Version.

Easily Generate Customized Reports

Use the built-in "drag and drop" Report Writer. Again, beginners can handle this function with no programming needed. Sort alphabetically, numerically, or by date; include totals and subtotals; group fields; include IF statements in reports; create summary reports; use headers and footers in reports.

Set Hypertext links

Link to bookmarks, document names and other askSam files. Run Reports from hypertext Links. Start other applications (for example a viewer for graphics). Set Hypertext links to any Web address (URL). Hypertext Links can be exported to HTML documents. Viewer can be purchased for distributing data.

Publish your askSam databases to the web with askSam Web Publisher.


ZDNet (rating of 8.2)/CNET Editor's Choice: "If you're still using Word for Windows to keep your address book and your e-mail client as a PIM, then you should be using askSam. Behaving more like a word processor than a database, this atypical document-centric freeform database lets you store and search both structured and unstructured data. Its ability to perform full-text searching of documents makes it ideal for legal, medical or research knowledge workers."

PC Computing: "Whether your information is simple, structured, or random, askSam provides an easy way to stash it and an easy way to find it again. Best of all, since it behaves like a word processor, you won't spend weeks learning to use it" . . "Products, such as askSam for Windows, exist because not all critical information is organized in easily searchable rows, columns, and fields. But managing and retrieving unstructured text has not always been easy - until now."

Database Magazine: "I've used a lot of different tools for searching, but I've yet to find anything that approaches the depth, variety, strength, and sophistication of the search tools that askSam provides."

PC World: "Even computer-savvy users expect databases to be huge, hard to use, and best for storing and searching vast quantities of business data. The beauty of AskSam 4, the most recent version of a venerable product, is that it can manage large amounts of text but it's quick to learn and easy to use for much smaller data collections as well. . .AskSam helps you find needles in haystacks with its searching and reporting tools."

PC Magazine, Editor's Choice: "askSam remains an excellent choice for manipulation of real-world data."

Technical Specifications

An IBM compatible computer with at least a P90 processor, 16 MB of RAM, 30 MB of free disk space, Windows 95, 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, NT and XP.


askSAM 6.1 Standard

Contains all the features listed above.

askSAM 6.1 Professional Version

askSam Professional includes all the features of the Standard version and adds full-text indexing to give you lightning-fast searches--search hundreds of megabytes in a matter of seconds. askSam Professional is ideal for large databases and provides a hit count for searches as well as a word list for words used in each document. Also, askSam Professional includes an ActiveX control that can be accessed from Visual Basic (and other programming languages) to create customized applications.