Financial Competence

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Financial Competence

Learn the basics of financial statements and how to effectively analyze them using financial ratios.

Need to understand the language of business? Quickly gain a solid understanding of business fundamentals: 1) learn how to read the major financial statements used in business reporting, 2) understand the way the statements work together and 3) learn how to analyze them using financial ratios. Over 500,000 copies of these easy-to-use computer based training (CBT) courses are in use by a wide variety of large and small organizations.


Useful for anyone wanting to learn the basics of business financial reporting and analysis.

The course is ideal for employees, managers, students, business owners, investors and nearly anyone else.

Quickly get up to speed on business fundamentals.

Financial Competence is designed to be very easy to use and learn and requires no existing financial training. The course uses a simple browser-like interface and starts with the basics and builds financial competence each step of the way. Each user can go at their own pace and the concepts in the course are easily learned and retained using:

  • animations
  • sound
  • graphics
  • practice exercises
  • direct user interaction
  • quizzes

Thorough Review of Financial Statements and how to understand and analyze them.

  • Lesson One - Overview: Learn the basics of the three main financial statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement. Includes a review and quiz.
  • Lesson Two - Income Statement: Learn the contents of an Income Statement, construct a sample statement and take a quiz. Topics include: Income Statement Definition; Sales; Cost of Sales; Gross Margin; Operating Expenses; Depreciation and Amortization; Operating Income; Other Income and Expenses; Income Before Taxes and Taxes and Net Income.
  • Lesson Three - Balance Sheet: Learn the components of a Balance Sheet, construct a sample Balance Sheet and take a quiz. Topics include: Balance Sheet Definition; Assets; Current Assets; Property, Plant and Equipment; Intangibles; Liabilities; Current Liabilities; Working Capital; Long Term Liabilities and Owner's Equity.
  • Lesson Four — Cash Flow Statement: Learn the components of the Cash Flow Statement, construct a sample statement and take a quiz. Topics include: Cash Flow Definition; Sources and Uses of Cash; Cash Flow from Operating Activities; Cash Flow from Investing Activities; Cash Flow from Financing Activities and Net Cash Flow
  • Lesson Five — Linking the Statements: Learn how the 3 main financial statements are linked together and take a quiz. Topics include: Linking the Statement Items; Sales and Accounts Receivable; Cost of Sales and Inventory; Inventory and Accounts Payable; Operating Expenses and Accounts Payable; Operating Expenses and Accrued Expenses; Operating Expenses and Prepaid Expenses; Property, Plant and Equipment and Depreciation; Interest Expense and Accrued Expenses; Income Tax Expense and Income Tax Payable; Net Income and Retained Earnings; and Alternative Format for Cash Flow
  • Lesson Six — Analyzing the Statements: Learn about the powerful technique of ratio analysis for analyzing financial statements to determine a company's financial strengths and weaknesses. Topics include: What are Financial Ratios; Income Statement Ratios; Balance Sheet Ratios; Cross Statement Ratios; Analyzing the Statements; and Quiz
  • Lesson Seven — Review and Final Exam: Review all the topics and take a 100 question final exam to test the concepts learned.


Caterpillar Financial: "This is a very good course, especially for someone with little or no exposure to financial reports. Because I have had this exposure, the first part of the course was a refresher, but there's nothing wrong with that! What I really benefited from later in the course was the explanation of how the statements link together. I strongly recommend the course for anyone not familiar with corporate finance and as a review for those who do."

General Electric: "… an ideal tool for our staff who need a basic, easy to use package for self-study training.…"

University of Nevada Las Vegas: "Our business policy professors have been excited about our purchase of ‘Financial Competence’. They use the tutorials in our computer labs as a refresher course for Finance and Accounting for our graduating seniors. Our faculty has been ecstatic over the purchase and its impact on student performance."

Thomas & Associates: "… very beneficial to my clients so that they understand more of what I do as their CPA. The product is laid out in an easy to follow manner for my clients and is very easy to work with."

Home PC magazine: "In short, Financial Competence is a fun, easy way to get the benefits of business experience without having to invest the labor and capital - or incur the risk - a real-life enterprise demands."

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