Gradience Attendance / Records Bundle

Professional $878.00
Enterprise, Multi-User $1,874.00
Gradience Attendance / Records Bundle

Save $149 to $399 by combining employee attendance and employee records software.

This powerful bundle provides the fastest, most effective, and most affordable way to securely track employee attendance and maintain your important employee records – so you can improve worker productivity while increasing administrative efficiency. The employee database is shared seamlessly between the 2 applications.


Use Gradience Attendance to uncover and analyze attendance patterns and put a stop to excessive absenteeism!

  • Rapidly access and share attendance information. Quickly retrieve the important data you need such as reasons for absenteeism and paid time off balances. You can also choose from dozens of standard reports that summarize absentee information by individual, department, or location. Or, use the intuitive custom report option to quickly create your own specially-tailored attendance reports.
  • Increase efficiency. Automate attendance documentation, and dramatically reduce the time you spend on paperwork, filing, duplicate entry of employee data, and other cumbersome administrative tasks. Gradience Attendance also eliminates the need for you to manually calculate paid time off balances – its fully customizable absence codes, categories, and benefit plans automatically do it for you!
  • Promote positive employee behavior. Easily identify and prevent chronic absenteeism, while creating a fair, consistent, and accurate system for documenting and analyzing employee attendance patterns. With Gradience Attendance, you can also gather solid evidence for use in discipline or termination disputes.

Use Gradience Records, for more efficient, more thorough, and more organized workforce record-keeping!

  • Minimize administration. Create a single easy-to-access digital repository of up-to-date EEO categorization, benefits, taxes, performance assessments, training and education, and other information. So you can reduce the time you spend filing, making copies and performing repetitive data entry, and file EEO-1 and other regulatory reports faster than ever before.
  • Improve accuracy. All employee information is stored in one centralized location, so discrepancies and errors caused by duplicate or conflicting records is virtually eliminated.
  • Remember important events such as anniversaries, birthdays, periodic performance reviews, and I-9 renewals.
  • Gain instant access to critical employee information, such as emergency contacts.
  • Gather solid evidence for discipline or termination disputes.
  • Rapidly analyze employee data with dozens of standard reports for hire and birth dates, salary history and ranking, performance, telephone lists, government reports, and more. Or, you can easily create your own fully-customized employee reports.