Handbook of Cost Management, 2nd Edition

Handbook of Cost Management, 2nd Edition $130.00
Handbook of Cost Management, 2nd Edition

Clear, expert guidance for gaining an understanding of the workings of cost accounting and cost management.

Roman L. Weil, Michael W. Maher
848 pages
May 2005

From the Publisher:
Handbook of Cost Management, Second Edition covers all of the essential topics in cost management and accounting. It includes conventional topics, such as job costing and cost allocation, as well as such current topics as balanced scorecard, economic value added, logistics and marketing cost, theory of constraints, inter-organizational costing, and the cost of quality.

Table of Contents include:

  1. Glossary of Cost Management Concepts (Roman L. Weil).
  2. Economic Concepts of Cost in Managerial Accounting (Gordon Shillinglaw and Roman L. Weil).
  3. Different Costs for Different Purposes (Russell A. Taussig and Roman L. Weil).
  4. Accounting Magic (Roman L. Weil).
  5. Mathematical Concepts in Cost Accounting (Joel S. Demski).
  6. Activity-Based Costing and Management (Michael W. Maher).
  7. Target Costing for New Product Development. Kaizen Costing for Existing Products (Robin Cooper and Regine Slagmulder).
  8. Interorganizational Costing (Robin Cooper and Regine Slagmulder).
  9. Costs and Benefits of Quality Improvement (Christopher D. Ittner and David F. Larcker).
  10. Logistics and Marketing Costs (James M. Reeve).
  11. Estimating Cost Behavior (Michael W. Maher and M. Laurentius Marais).
  12. Spoilage, Waste, and Scrap, Including Green Accounting (William N. Lanen).
  13. Job, Process, and Operations Costing (Michael W. Maher).
  14. Standard Costing Systems (James A. Largay III).
  15. Allocations of Cost and Revenue (Roman L. Weil)
  16. Cost-Volume-Profit Analyses (Nicholas Dopuch and Michael W. Maher).
  17. Forecasting Pro Formal Financial Statements (James M. Wahlen).
  18. Operating Budgets and Budgeting-Benefits and Costs (Michael D. Shields).
  19. Theory of Constraints (Eric Noreen).
  20. Capital Budgeting: Concepts and Methods (Roman L. Weil).
  21. Capital Budgeting: Implementation (Roman L. Weil).
  22. Compound Interest: Concepts and Applications (Roman L. Weil).
  23. Performance Evaluation in Decentralized Organizations (Michael W. Maher).
  24. The Balanced Scorecard and Nonfinancial Performance Measures (Michael W. Maher).
  25. Economic Value Added (EVA®) (James J. Wallace).
  26. Transfer Pricing (Michael W. Maher).
  27. A Managerial Accounting Guide for Nonprofit Managers (Leslie G. Eldenburg and Naomi Soderstrom).
  28. Introduction to Costs in Litigation (Elizabeth A. Evans).
  29. The Historical Development of Management Accounting (Richard Vangermeersch and Henry R. Schwarzbach).
  30. Corporate Scandals: The Accounting Underpinnings (Kathleen Fitzgerald and Roman L. Weil).
  • Appendix: Compound Interest, Present Value, and Annuity Tables.

ROMAN L. WEIL, PhD, CMA, CPA, is V. Duane Rath Professor of Accounting at the Graduate School of Business of the University of Chicago. He is co-director of the Chicago/Wharton/Stanford law School Directors' Consortium. He received his BA in Economics and Mathematics from Yale University in 1962. He received his MS in Industrial Administration in 1965 and PhD in Economics in 1966, both from Carnegie-Mellon University. He joined the faculty at the University of Chicago in 1965, where he has held positions in Mathematical Economics, Management and Information Sciences, Accounting, and in the Law School. He directs the University's Directors' College, which trains corporate board members to do their jobs better; his won specialty in that training focuses on financial literacy. He co-founded The Directors' Consortium, a joint venture of Chicago, Stanford Law School, and The Wharton School.