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Maximize your revenue and speed up the payment time from your customers with this powerful, acclaimed time and billing software including additional practice management modules.

Time and Billing Software

ImagineTime is a powerful tool to ensure that your CPA, consulting or professional services firm is accurately billing for every possible dollar with no "revenue leakage". ImagineTime includes a variety of tools for efficiently managing your firm's time keeping, invoicing and payment processes. Optional modules for Due Date Tracking, Contact Management, Calendar Scheduling, Remote Data Entry and Palm Pilot Integration turn ImagineTime into a complete system for managing your service business.


Easy to Use.

  • Structured Main Menu organizes all of your billing tasks.
  • Quick and easy initial set up with imported or manually entered data.
  • Flexible time entry options.
  • Numerous efficiency features including "auto-apply" for posting unapplied payments, write/off clear functions and much more.

Save time and simplify the normally tedious process of tracking billable hours.

  • Standard Time Entry. Quickly enter time slips as work is performed or after the fact.
  • Powerful Timer Utility allows you to clock events as they occur or enter time after the fact.

Speed the conversion of Revenue into Cash.

  • Choose from a wide variety of professional invoice formats such as Comprehensive format, detail time slip, narrative slip bill and more. Assign the ideal invoice type for each customer. Add your custom graphic and/or message.
  • Effectively direct the invoicing process using the Billing Dashboard to control all aspects of invoice adjustments, printing and posting.
  • Manage Customer Payment Processing. Post customer payments to open invoices. Track Accounts Receivable Aging. Simplify customer payment reconciliation by generating client statements of account.

Effectively Manage Your Clients and Staff

A Client Analysis Screen allows you to analyze each client including average and maximum bill amounts and other invoice statistics, account aging and total revenue realized by workcode for any period. The Client Snapshot Report (see sample at left) provides a summary of key billing and AR statistics for all clients.

The Staff Realization Report lets you analyze each of your staff and the clients they billed for. Statistics tracked for each staff member include Chargeable Time, Adjustments, Net Realization, Realization Percent, Hours Charged and Rate Per Hour by client and total. The Staff Performance Report shows monthly staff realization trends for any time period you wish.

Optional Modules Include:

Option A: Due Date Monitoring, Task Management, Tax Tickler Module.

Control your workload and meet your client deadlines.

  • Easy Setup. Set up a variety of Master Tasks that can be selected and assigned for any client. Set up various tax forms that can be selected and assigned for your clients. Define your own status values for progress work on tasks or forms (e.g. Unassigned, Assigned, Not Started, Complete, etc.)
  • Easily Schedule Staff Tasks and Tax Form Assignments. Assign any task or tax form for a client to the relevant staff member. Roll last years events forward to next year. Monitor actitivities assigned to each staff member. Update activities with a simple click to change status.

Option B: Contact Management and Calendar Staff Scheduling.

  • Manage Staff Calendars. Review and revise staff calendars and staff assignments with a Microsoft Outlook-like interface. Includes task and appointment reports, and the calendar and schedule settings can be customized.
  • Manage your Clients and Prospects. Keep track of all of your business clients including relevant contact information and notes to document contacts with your clients.
  • Integration with Outlook. Synchronize your appointments and tasks with those in Outlook. Contacts can also be imported or exported between ImagineTime and Outlook.
  • Simplify your business information. By combining your client contacts, staff calendars and billing data, you have a complete practice management system that saves time, eliminates duplicate data entry and provides a complete view of your business.

Option C: Remote Data Entry.

If you or your staff work from remote locations, you can use this module to send time, expense or client information remotely. Update the central database by e-mail or with a network connection. Perfect for satellite offices or when staff are working outside the office.


CPA Technology Advisor, 4 1/2 stars: "ImagineTime is a very strong time and billing application that is flexible enough to support small to medium-sized practices and other professional services firms and provides good reporting and analysis features." "The program looks and operates like it might have been designed by Microsoft: All primary functions are intuitively laid out on the opening screen with a single bar icon/pull-down menu across the top and a Main Menu sub screen separated into four categories."

Accounting Technology: "Simple yet sufficient, ImagineTime provides an elegant time and billing application. Robust in both setup and reporting, it accomplishes the objectives most firms seek: an efficient and effective solution."

Accounting Today: "ImagineTime provides a level of client productivity and staff realization reporting second to none. Firms of any size can take advantage of these reports to pinpoint problem areas and reward efficiency. This product provides all the information necessary to help you successfully manage your professional practice."

CPA Magazine: "All told, [ImagineTime] Time and Billing delivers great value for the market it serves."

Richard C. Gruber, CPA, Managing Partner, Gruber and Associates, P.A.:  "ImagineTime is the single most important tool that we use to run our accounting practice. I have complete confidence that our billing, contact lists and tax scheduling are totally under control. I don't know what we would do without it."

Jim Hartwell, CPA, partner, Hartwell & Comany P.C.: "ImagineTime® has revolutionized the way we do business. Our billings and profitabilty have improved since we started using this great product!"

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