IRS Corporate Ratios

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IRS Corporate Ratios

Improve your business valuation report or ratio analysis by finding comparable ratios compiled from 3.7 million IRS tax returns.


Improve business valuations, benchmark studies or financial ratio analyses

Compare the business you are valuing/analyzing with comparable US-based businesses. 3.7 million tax returns are summarized into over 230 industry groups. Within each industry, financial ratios, operating ratios and other ratios are sub-divided by asset size (12 categories) so you can accurately compare your business valuation or ratio analyses with comparably sized firms in the same industry.

Compare Financial Ratios, Industry Averages

Perform ratio analyses against comparable firms across industries. Ratios include:

  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
  • Net Sales/Trade Receivables (net)
  • Cost of Sales / Inventory
  • Cost of Sales / Payables
  • Sales/Working Capital
  • EBIT/Interest
  • Net Profit + Depr., Dep., Amort/Cur. Mat. L/T/D
  • Net Fixed Assets/Tangible Net Worth
  • Total Debt/Tangible Net Worth
  • % Profits Before Taxes / Tangible Net Worth
  • % Profit Before Taxes / Total Assets
  • Sales/Net Fixed Assets
  • Sales/Total Assets
  • % Depr., Dep., Amort./Sales
  • % Officers', Directors, Owners' Comp/Sales

Compare Financial Statement Data.

IRS Corporate Ratios shows financial statement data in a "common size" format so Balance Sheet and Income Statement data can be easily compared. Compare 20 Balance Sheet line items and 24 Income Statement line items for a detailed comparison on the strengths and weaknesses of a target firm within an industry.

Compare Historic Trends.

IRS Corporate Ratios contains the most recent 9 years of historic data for each industry to enable you to perform multi-year trend analyses.

Export to Excel.

Export any individual year or up to 9 years of historic data into any Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. Data can also be easily exported to Express Business Valuation, ValuSource Pro.

Get up to speed quickly.

The software contains a general and multi-year video tutorial so you can start using the data as soon as you receive it.

Other Financial Statement Data Possibilities

The IRS takes a few years to compile the data for this product. If you need fresher data or automatic benchmark reporting, consider RMA Annual Statement Studies® for the most current data (no reports).