National Economic Review

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National Economic Review

Every valuation report needs a discussion of the national economy. Using NER will allow you to quickly incorporate a well written discussion of the major factors affecting the economy. NER is delivered as a set of Microsoft® Word and Excel files so you can insert the narrative and charts directly into your reports.


A wide variety of economic data.

The National Economic Review reports on current and expected performance of the economy. Data is sourced from major business publications, online sources and government data. Factors reported on include:

  • interest rates
  • employment
  • inflation
  • the stock and bond markets
  • construction
  • housing and real estate

Stay up to date with quarterly updates.

Your subscription entitles you to 1 calendar year of data (including any already released quarters for the calendar year plus any remaining quarters if any). If you order mid-year, you will receive any remaining updates by e-mail for the fastest delivery possible.

Add data into your valuation or other analyses.

You will get 5 to 8 pages of text and 5 pages of exhibits. Edit it, add to it, remove unneeded data. You can adapt the data to fit your needs.

Available by Download only. You will receive a link to download the current quarterly report in an email after you purchase. You will receive an email for each subsequent quarter with a link to download the report when the reports are available.