OrgPlus 7 Professional

up to 100 boxes $295.00
up to 250 boxes $469.00
up to 500 boxes $949.00
OrgPlus 7 Professional

The industry standard! All the organization chart power of OrgPlus Standard plus sub-charts, enhanced data management and more distribution options including online.

OrgPlus is the industry standard software for creating organization charts. 500,000 users including over 400 of the Fortune 500 have relied on OrgPlus to quickly create professional organization charts.


Import data from external files.

If you have existing HR data, OrgPlus can import it to create org charts directly from that data. The Professional version can also automatically import from text, XML or Excel files; can save data import settings for quick future imports; and can validate imported data. The org chart is automatically optimized based on the imported data. Link to live HR data via an ODBC or Oracle connection with 1-click refresh of your org charts or scheduling of org chart updates. A hierarchy mapper allows you to fix gaps or errors in your "who reports to who" data. An LDAP Adapter lets you create charts from corporate directories based on products such as Active Directory, Exchange Server or iPlanet.

Create organization charts quickly.

No drawing skills are necessary. Just click and type to create new boxes--OrgPlus instantly creates all links and formatting.

Easily model larger organizations.

The Professional version lets you easily divide your org charts into sub-charts with dynamic links between the charts. Start with the high level executive team chart and drill down to detailed layouts of each part of your company's organization.

Add professional formatting to your charts.

OrgPlus automatically spaces and centers your charts. You can then format boxes, lines, colors and shadows to your taste. Customize your chart using 20 pre-defined chart formats and quickly re-arrange your boxes. Add graphics or photographs to any org chart box. Resize your chart to fit a specified number of pages, or add a graphic to your chart's background. In the Professional version, photos can be automatically imported into each box and searched on.

Manage data related to the Org Chart.

Define up to 30 text, name, number or picture fields to store titles, salaries, phone numbers and more. Perform spreadsheet-like calculations in org chart boxes to automatically calculate statistics such as headcount or average salary per department. Hide sensitive data. Link to external data files.

Generate reports from your Org Chart data.

Whether it is phone lists or salary tables, you can use OrgPlus's built-in reports or generate even more sophisticated reports using Crystal Reports. Dynamic hierarchical reporting provides real-time statistics on all sub-levels of your chart. Simply move your cursor from box-to-box and instantly get updated statistics.

Publish/share your Org Chart with others.

Save the chart as a JPEG image or distribute the chart via e-mail. The Professional version adds the ability to create a chart with embedded links to sub-charts. Automatically export the entire org chart to a multi-slide Powerpoint presentation or to Microsoft Word including a title page, table of contents and index with hyperlinks to each chart or sub-chart. Print the org chart in a book form including a cover page, index and table of contents. Export the chart to a .PDF file.

Publish your Org Chart to the Internet or an Intranet.

Org Charts can be viewed online either by publishing to .HTML or by using OrgViewer, a free web browser plug-in that works with Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher. Online charts automatically include hyperlinks to sub-charts. Other online features include the ability to:

  • Manage large charts by expanding and collapsing branches (with OrgViewer) or zooming in and out.
  • Search, query and sort chart data (with OrgViewer).
  • Drill-down on a box to obtain extended profile information.
  • Restrict certain portions of charts for printing.


PC World, 4 stars: "HumanConcepts' market-leading OrgPlus has long been one of the most intuitive and powerful tools for producing organizational charts. And the newest version, OrgPlus 4 Professional, is more Web-friendly than ever. . .I was able to create a small org chart and publish it to the Web in less than half an hour--all without having to spend much time with the very complete manual. . .Powerful, easy-to-use tool is worth the premium price for companies that rely heavily on organizational charts."

PC Magazine, 4 stars: "If your company is large enough to need a specialized tool for this type [organizational] of charting and needs more than Office offers, there is no need to consider any other option. . .OrgPlus 4.0 Professional does a fine job of charting an organization."

Human Resource Executive: OrgPlus 4.0 Professional is definitely the most affordable of the specialized charting tools.

Used by over 400 of the Fortune 500

The worldwide organization chart standard (over 500,000 users)

Chosen by Microsoft (in a limited version) as part of Microsoft Office.