Plan Write Expert Edition

Plan Write Expert Edition $229.95
Plan Write Expert Edition

Takes business planning to the next level by adding evaluations and analyses from leading strategy .

Business Planning Software

Plan Write expands on the strengths of traditional business planning software by adding a comprehensive strategic focus to your plan. Plan Write Expert Edition runs your plan through a thorough, expert analysis using a variety of renowned business models to ensure the best results for writing a business plan proposal.

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Extensive Expert Feedback on your Business Plan.

Plan Write Expert Edition incorporates expertise from over 40 business strategy gurus--with numerous evaluations using top business models including Michael Porter's Five Forces Model, the Boston Consulting Group Matrix, the GE Business Screen, Product Positioning Maps plus dozens of other analyses. Products, services, competition, the marketplace, pricing, distribution and more are all thoroughly analyzed following a 60-question interview. You can easily drill down to uncover the underlying details that led to any of the program's conclusions. Plan Write Expert Edition gives you extensive feedback based on the top minds in business, allowing you to adapt your strategies before you take your plan to investors.

Simple, Structured Format Guides the Business Plan Text.

Plan Write Expert Edition walks you through the steps to write a business plan including topics pertaining to the market, products, competition and other elements of the business environment. Plan Write helps you analyze each topic in depth and provides extensive advice on points to consider as well as sample text to guide your text input. Expert Edition's Advisor function goes one step farther and generates customized text you can use for various topics based on the results of its strategic analyses.

Thorough Financial Modeling.

Plan Write walks you through a series of questions that form the basis of the financial plan. Revenue, expense and a variety of other financial assumptions (e.g. receivables, payables and inventory turnover rates, cash and loan assumptions, etc.) are used to automatically generate a complete and consistent Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. The model includes monthly data in Year 1, quarterly in Year 2 and annual data in subsequent years. Enter your financial projections numerically, import them from QuickBooks or perform visual projections by moving points on a chart. Plan Write also provides a break-even analysis and a complete ratio analysis to help identify potential profitability, liquidity, insolvency or other business problems. Give your business plan a reality check by comparing financial statements and ratios with averages from other firms operating in the same industry.

Define and Track Milestones

Successfully execute the plan including assigning responsibility and costs to each task.

Publish a Customized Plan.

Plan Write takes the text input and financial model and then allows you to easily choose which topics should or shouldn't be included in the plan. Charts or spreadsheets can easily be inserted anywhere in the plan. Plan Write generates a complete, professional plan including text, charts and financial statements. The plan can be generated in Microsoft Word or published to the Internet. Create a customized PowerPoint® presentation with any selected topics, charts and tables from your business plan. For the same complete and professional business plan without the expert evaluation, click here for information on Plan Write for Business.


Accounting Technology: "PlanWrite Expert Edition is an expert system for business plan development based on comparisons to proven business concepts. It is the best example on the market of a truly interactive planning system,"

Newsweek: "Plan Write is a sparkling Windows product that includes a full-powered word processor (complete with spelling checker) and business plan outliner, along with an integrated spreadsheet-charting module. . . it's our top choice (of 6 programs evaluated)."

Computer Shopper: "organizing and focusing your company's future has just become much easier. It's like having someone hand you magic glasses that let you focus clearly on your enterprise's strengths and weaknesses. With a plan in hand, the future of your business is clear."

Home Office Computing: "For this buyer's guide, we looked at nine Windows and Macintosh business plan packages... Plan Write is the best product for guiding you through the stormy waters of creating a business plan. . .When dealing with financial information, Plan Write stands apart from the rest."

Black Enterprise: "Plan Write stands out among business plan programs because it does more than just write your plan. It has a built-in advisor that allows you to create a comprehensive document with all of the kinks worked out before you present it to a prospective investor."

Windows Sources: "Plan Write Expert Edition is a must-have program if you're trying to start a business and don't have time to go back to graduate school."

Win95 Magazine: "Plan Write was the easiest to use and the most comprehensive package that we reviewed (of 5 packages reviewed)."

Strategic Planning Analyst, Advanced Micro Devices: "Plan Write for Business provided complete flexibility to organize the outline and associated text, charts and spreadsheets."

Bill Staake, Kettley Publishing - Financial Services Software: “I have been a user of your Plan Write for Marketing and your Plan Write Expert Edition for some time now, and have been extremely satisfied. Your product helped me lead the marketing organization from startup to market dominance in a very short period of time.”

Owner, Fast Set Coatings, Inc.: "Plan Write for Business saved us untold man hours, was loaded with examples, and forced us to think of things we wouldn't have considered otherwise in our business plan."

PlanWrite Expert Edition is part of the BRS line of products that has been purchased by thousands of small and large businesses (50% of the Fortune 500) and other organizations including 3M, Allstate, American Express, AT&T, Bank of America, Barnes & Noble, Bear Stearns, Berkshire Hathaway, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Boeing, Chase Manhattan, Cisco Systems, Coca Cola, Dell Computer, Dun and Bradstreet, Dupont, Eastman Kodak, Ernst & Young, Fannie Mae, Federal Express, General Electric, Harvard University, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, JP Morgan, Marriott, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Motorola, Pfizer, Xerox and many more.

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Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP

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