Prophet 4.0 - Server/Enterprise Edition for Sales Teams

Prophet 4.0 - Server/Enterprise Edition for Sales Teams

Sales contact management software for Microsoft Outlook. Share sales data within your sales team or organization including support for remote users.

Sales Management Software for Outlook

Prophet overcomes the frustration and lost time caused by switching between Outlook and other sales management software by integrating your sales contact and sales opportunity information within Outlook.


Maintain your sales and contact information within Outlook.

You already use Outlook for e-mail, calendars and tasks. Now you can manage all customer and prospect information and quickly schedule and manage tasks, meetings or other activities specifically linked to each account or contact.

Manage and track your sales opportunities within Outlook.

Organize your opportunities! Get instant access to every deal or opportunity you are working on or other opportunities being worked within the company. Sort by customer, the stage of the deal, revenue dollars and more. Manage the probability of closing each deal.

Share all sales data with your entire team.

Prophet Server Edition lets your entire sales team share sales opportunity data, contact data, opportunity tasks, appointments and more. Whether you are working from your office desktop or working remotely on a laptop, Prophet keeps you up-to-date and allows your team to share the most current information. Remote users can sync up their data to the central server when they log in to the network.

Extensive Sales Reporting.

View a variety of built-in reports like sales revenue reports, pipeline forecast reports, won/loss reports or easily create your own custom reports. View reports for individual reps or sales managers can view data across the entire team. Export your reports to PDF, HTML, Word, TIFF or Excel.


eWeek: "Prophet 2004 does something that should have been done a long time ago: It builds a sales force application into Microsoft's Outlook at a reasonable price."

Small Business Computing: "Suddenly all the information you need is in one place, and not just for one salesperson but for the entire sales force."

PC Magazine: "Salespeople hate having to switch between e-mail and CRM applications to track the progress of their sales opportunities. Avidian Technologies' Prophet 2004 lets them do it all within Microsoft Outlook"

Bob Thordarson, CEO, Consumerware Incorporated: "I've been an Act software user for over 7 years and have always wanted a simpler way to integrate Outlook software and Act software. The fact that Prophet is a contact manager built inside of Outlook is the solution I have been looking for. Prophet eliminates the hassle of running two applications. Now I can do everything inside of Outlook."

Arvind Handu, Vice President, Datavibes Inc: "We have spent countless hours and a lot of money with several Contact Management Applications, such as ACT software, Goldmine software, SmartSales,, and in-house custom applications. Prophet has made it easy to have all information in one application, Outlook, thus greatly enhancing retrieval, reporting and collaboration etc. Finally, a solution our sales people will use! Great work!"