ValuSource Pro

Version 5 for Office 2007 $1,295.00
Version 6 for Office 2010 $1,295.00
Version 7 for Office 2013 $1,295.00
ValuSource Pro

The advanced business valuation software designed and used by experts to generate the most accurate company valuations possible.

Experienced business appraisers choose ValuSource Pro for four reasons:

  1. They have all the benefits of working with Excel spreadsheets and Word report templates through ValuSource Pro’s customizable 100% Excel and Word functionality without the time and trouble of maintaining and updating them.
  2. They can rely on ValuSource Pro’s unsurpassed support for the input, modification and benchmarking of subject company financials and the decisions made during the valuation process, allowing them to focus on the crucial decisions of the valuation, not the number crunching.
  3. They have one-click support for importing data to their valuation from the leading valuation databases.
  4. They can automate their valuation practice with ValuSource Pro even while retaining their own unique approaches to special situations and specific industries.


By greatly reducing the burden of creating and maintaining complex spreadsheets and written reports, ValuSource Pro lets you focus on the high-level thinking necessary for a thorough and accurate valuation. It frees you to apply your valuation expertise, giving you more time to focus on the crucial decisions of the engagement.

Built entirely on Microsoft® Excel and Word, ValuSource Pro is not a 'black box' analysis package. Instead, all of your financial statements, adjustments, assumptions, and calculations are available and changeable.

Move between ValuSource Pro and Excel with the click of a button – see and change formulas and formatting as your engagement and practice standards require. ValuSource Pro will automatically annualize your partial year financial data – and provides you the ability to make adjustments, add and classify accounts and sub-accounts for a more accurate replication of the subject company's financial statements as well as for developing a more accurate benefit stream.

Whether you’re doing litigation support, buy/sell analysis, or IRS compliance, ValuSource Pro has everything you need: complete support for all the standard valuation methods, with room for adding your own custom methods; comprehensive financial analysis, with easy access to indispensable data; thorough testing of your conclusion of value; and optional automatic report generation using the Business Valuation Report Writer.

The 200+ pages of analysis cover the following areas:

  • Financial Statement Input and Adjustments (Including Partial Period Annualization)
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Valuation (18 methods) Including Asset, Income and Market Approaches
  • Conclusion of Value
  • Custom Analysis (i.e. Add Your Own Analysis/Spreadsheets)
  • Sanity-Check
  • Integrated Valuation Databases


The Experts' Choice for Business Valuation Software.

ValuSource Pro was originally designed by the valuation expert, Christopher Mercer of Mercer Capital and has been used, sold or adapted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts and the Institute of Business Appraisers.

Powerful and accurate enough for Litigation Support.

Do you need valuations that are accurate and thorough enough to survive rigorous cross-examination in shareholder dispute lawsuits? ValuSource Pro is regularly used in courtrooms and meets the most demanding standards required. Specific litigation support tools include a schedule to reconcile historical income to adjusted income to present annotated explanations and justifications, as well as a schedule that reconciles non-operating assets and liabilities.

Straightforward interface for entry of financial data.

ValuSource Pro's Client Questionnaire helps you gather the information you need to perform a valuation, and makes it easy to enter directly into the program. All assumptions are summarized on a single page, making it easier to set up and check each section. The explorer-like Navigator tool shows you exactly where you are in the process and what steps still need to be performed. Customize the navigator to include only the schedules you need in the order you need them.

Automatic analysis and valuation.

ValuSource Pro takes the one to ten years of historic data that has been input and helps you perform up to 18 built-in valuation methods plus your own customized valuation methods. The program automatically provides access to fully-integrated valuation databases (optional add-ons: must be purchased separately), as well as over 200 pages of comprehensive analysis:

  • Financial Statements including adjustment schedules with footnotes and partial period annualization. Financial statement data can be entered directly or imported from Excel. Financial Statements are fully customizable--add or change as many accounts or sub-accounts as you need!
  • Complete Financial Statement Analysis including common size financial statements, financial statement trend analysis, financial statement comparison to industry (industry data sold separately), ratio analysis trends including new cash flow ratios with comparison to industry (industry data sold separately), income statement analysis and equity analysis.
  • Apply adjustments for your valuations such as control premiums/minority ownership discounts (using your own data or Mergerstat data) and marketability discounts for businesses that are not readily marketable. Other adjustments include excess and non-operating asset adjustments and company specific premiums.
  • Income Valuation Methods including:
    • Capitalization of Earnings.
    • Capitalization of Excess Earnings including 9 different economic benefit streams from which to choose.
    • Summary Discounted Cash Flow/Earnings (DCF). ValuSource Pro dynamically leverages four growth and balance sheet change assumptions to generate a full balance sheet and income forecast for up to 10 years.
    • Detailed DCF (including Sensitivity Analysis) including complete financial statement projections with line-by-line projections using various drivers (historic growth rates, historic percent, manual entry, regression and more).
  • Market Valuation Methods. Market approaches can be made significantly more accurate by adding market data or industry data from RMA Annual Studies, BIZCOMPS, Mid-Market Comps, Mercer, Pratt's Stats, IBA, Public, Private and Analyst Transactions. Base multiples include Seller Discretionary Cash Flow, Net Earnings, Book Value, Revenue, Total Assets, EBIT, EBITDA and cash flow multiples. Valuation can also be performed using the "Subject Company Transaction Method" based on previous transactions of the business's stock.
  • Asset-based Valuation Methods such as Book Value, Adjusted Book Value and Liquidation value.
  • Custom Valuation Methods, Calculations and Analysis. ValuSource Pro lets you create customized worksheets that link to your schedules and lets you customize the program's calculations to make your valuation fit your exact needs. You can also add your own analysis to any schedule.
  • Valuation conclusions and sanity checks to ensure that the valuations make business sense. Select and weight the importance of any of the valuation methods and instantly see the changes to your valuation. Perform sensitivity analyses to see which inputs have the greatest impact on the valuation.
  • Benefit Stream Analysis. Using historic and adjusted data, ValuSource Pro performs a sum of least squares regression and correlation on the historic and adjusted pretax income, EBIT and EBITDA benefit streams. This benefit stream analysis helps assess anomalies in the different streams that may cause valuation differences. The correlation can also give confidence to using a particular method or benefit stream.

Ultimate Flexibility.

ValuSource Pro offers custom valuation methods; over 120 built-in schedules plus unlimited customized schedules; detailed discounted cash flow analysis; annual, quarterly or monthly data entry; weighting of valuation conclusions; customized chart of accounts; custom one-click charts plus many other features to customize the output to your unique business environment. You can customize each schedule directly within Excel. Attach Word and Excel documents anywhere within ValuSource Pro to make them part of your valuation procedure. After customizing, save your setup to a template, so all future projects will use your customizations as their baseline format.

Seamless integration with Excel.

ValuSource Pro schedules can be easily imported from and exported to Microsoft Excel. Schedules can be edited within ValuSource Pro's built-in schedule editor or customized within Excel. Or, you can also create your own custom-tailored charts.

Print out your Valuation Results.

  • ValuSource Pro allows you create multiple "views" where you can select and print any of the 100+ schedules or charts.
  • Optional Integrated Business Valuation Report Writer: For extensive automated reporting in Microsoft Word including integrated text, charts and tables and including 60+ page USPAP and 59-60 reports or the ability to define your own written reports. The report writer can be run directly within ValuSource Pro 4. Save $100 when you purchase ValuSource Pro along with the optional Business Valuation Report Writer. Highly Recommended!

A wide range of free product and technical support.

ValuSource Pro gets you up and running quickly with a set of video tutorials included free with the software. The program is filled with 130 "Valuation Movies" (one for each screen) to provide the link between theory and actual valuation practice in each step of the valuation process. Free telephone conference training (twice a month) and free technical support for 90 days (by phone or e-mail) including integrated WebEx support where you can share your desktop with a technician.

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Used by National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts as the basis for their customized valuation software

Only line of valuation software offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Institute of Business Appraisers: "The best software tool available to date for business valuation."

Bill Sipes CPA, ABV, BVAL CS: "I have been doing business valuation for over ten years and use ValuSource Pro extensively for all my engagements. The program does everything I need and much more. It's professional, comprehensive and comes with great support from ValuSource. The new report writer for ValuSource Pro is fantastic and saves me an incredible amount of time. I highly recommend Valusource's valuation software to anyone doing business valuation."

System Requirements and Compatibility

Requires Microsoft® Office version 2007-2013.

Requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

Office Version compatibility:

Microsoft® Office 2007 users should order Version 5

Microsoft® Office 2010 users should order Version 6

Microsoft® Office 2013 users should order Version 7

Note: this product is not compatible with paperless office software such as CCHGroup’s CorpSystem and System fx and Thompson-Reuter’s PPC Tickmarks and Checkpoint Tools for PPC.