Put your survey on the web in minutes--right now! Vista is a powerful, but easy to use, tool for creating, hosting and analyzing web-based surveys (with no IT involvement)!

Vista is a simple, but powerful, tool for creating, hosting and analyzing web-based surveys. Whether you are doing satisfaction surveys, polling employees, soliciting feedback or surveying for any other reason, Vista lets you quickly create attractive online surveys with no programming or IT support required. Get started today!


Simple User Interface.

Vista is designed to get you up and running quickly—all you need is a web browser. Jumpstart your design with one of the pre-designed templates, or create your own survey from scratch. Adding sections and questions is highly intuitive, and your survey design shows you exactly how your finished survey will look. No knowledge of web design, HTML or programming is required.

Powerful Survey Design Features.

Vista offers a wide variety of features to create the survey that meets your exact needs:

  • Variety of Question Types including: multiple choice, select many, text box, text area, drop-down menu, radio button matrix, header, rank items, checkbox matrix, number box.
  • Create Custom Forms with text boxes, number boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus, and text areas.
  • Customized Style Features including your company logo, font choices and unlimited color and style choices. Vista includes a wizard to ensure your survey will match the look of your existing web site.
  • Powerful Survey Functions. Split your survey into multiple pages. Generate questions with required answers. Conditionally skip a set of questions based on an answer to another question. Conditionally add a set of questions based on an answer to another question. Use text from an answer in another question. Validate answers. Allow respondents to pause and resume a survey.

Secure, Reliable Survey Hosting.

Let Vista handle all of your IT needs by hosting your survey for you. No installation. No upgrades. No backups. No compatibility problems. Vista handles all this for you on a secure, reliable platform. Vista can also ensure that a single respondent can not take a survey more than once.

Powerful Response Analysis Functions.

Vista was designed by experts in data analysis (the developer of the Vanguard BI System, DecisionPro, DecisionScript), and it shows in the powerful functions available for analyzing the results of your survey.

  • Export your data to Excel or any statistical package for analysis.
  • Use Artificial Intelligence technology to generate dynamic analysis reports at any time during data collection. Vista analyzes your results and automatically creates and adapts the analysis report based on the results.
  • Generate Bar or Pie Charts
  • Perform powerful statistical analyses including: cross tabulations, confidence intervals, correlation analysis, cumulative distributions and frequency distributions.

Try it out for free and see your survey immediately!

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