Business Valuation Report Writer

Version 5 for Office 2007 $695.00
Version 6 for Office 2010 $695.00
Version 7 for Office 2013 $695.00
Business Valuation Report Writer

Automatically generate business valuation reports in Word from our valuation software or your spreadsheets.

The fastest and easiest way to create business valuation reports in Word. Works with Express Business Valuation, ValuSource Pro or your own valuation spreadsheets.


Save time on creating valuation reports.

Business Valuation Report Writer is designed to be very easy to use. Within the program, you can easily switch between your report and the source applications (Express Business Valuation, ValuSource Pro or your own valuation spreadsheets). You can make changes within the program or launch Word or Excel to make changes there.

Valuation Changes Automatically Updated in your Report.

By creating "hot links" in your report, any changes you make to your underlying valuation will be automatically updated in your report. Your proofreading time will be drastically reduced as changes to assumptions, financial statements, valuation conclusions and more will be automatically reflected in your report. You can link a range, a chart or even the value of a single cell anywhere in your report.

Easily Manage Optional Content.

Most valuations use different methods and different types of assumptions. Optional Content allows you to go through a list of contents and select only those topics that you want. For example, if you used only market based valuation methods, the report can automatically remove any sections related to asset or income based methods. You can manually override any of the programs suggestions on which optional content to use.

Maintain a Valuation Report Library.

Business Valuation Report Writer lets you manage various report sections in a central database that can be instantly added to your existing report. You can include text, graphics, charts and more and quickly add a section from your library.

Extensive Templates for Express Business Valuation, ValuSource Pro.

The Business Valuation Report Writer has 3 built-in templates for each of these programs that will automatically prepare a 60+ page 59-60 report, a USPAP report and a Restricted USPAP report. Revise these templates to meet your precise needs or use them the day you install the software.


Darrell Dorrell, CPA, MBA, ASA, CVA, CMA, DABFA, CMC, Financial Forensics: "Using the Report Writer substantially cuts my report preparation and review time. I highly recommend the Business Valuation Report Writer."

System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2010

Note to users outside the US: This product requires US Windows Regional Settings. If you do not normally use US settings for dates (MM/DD/YYYY) and numbers (','=thousands separator, '.'=decimal point), then you will need to temporarily change your Regional Settings to US in order to perform a valuation (you can change back to your own regional settings when the valuation is complete). If temporarily changing to US Settings will not work on your system, then this product will not operate properly.

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