Express Business Valuation

Version 5 for Office 2007 $985.00
Version 6 for Office 2010 $985.00
Version 7 for Office 2013 $985.00
Express Business Valuation

Our most popular valuation product! Quickly generate highly accurate business valuations and reports using advanced valuation technologies.

Business Valuation Software

Version 2.0 Express Business Valuation simplifies the process of valuing a company and offers 19 business valuation methods to ensure that the valuation results are accurate and defensible.


Straightforward interface for entry of financial data.

Start with a printable client questionnaire to gather business owner information. Work with a familiar Microsoft Excel grid-style interfaces. The Explorer-like Navigator quickly guides you through each step in the valuation. A "favorites" menu lets you quickly focus on the schedules and valuation methods relevant to your business. Notes and comments appear in many fields to guide your entry.

Automatic analysis and valuation.

Express Business Valuation takes the data that has been input and helps you easily perform a thorough analysis and valuation using income, market and asset valuation methods. The program automatically provides:

  • Financial Statements and Adjustments. Import industry data using RMA Annual Statement Studies or IRS Corporate Ratios. Enter control premiums or minority ownership discounts (using your own data or Mergerstat data) and marketability discounts if the firm is not readily marketable. Calculate the value of excess and non-operating assets.
  • Over 100 schedules and analyses including common size financial statements, historic comparisons, working capital analysis, capital expenditure analysis, expanded multi-year ratio analysis with multi-industry comparisons (industry data is available separately), deal structure analysis, hypothetical terms of sale, buyer's/seller's settlement, post sale cash flow, payback period, IRR and many more.
  • Income Valuation Methods including Capitalization of Earnings, Capitalization of Excess Earnings, Summary Discounted Cash Flows (using 4 projection methods including regression).
  • Market Data and Industry Composition Valuation Methods. Market approaches can be made significantly more accurate by adding market data from IBA Market Data, DoneDeals, and BIZCOMPS. Industry valuations can be based on Price to Earnings, Price to Book Value, Price to Revenue and Price to Cash Flow.
  • Subject Company Transactions Method calculates a value based on past transactions of the business's stock.
  • Asset-based Valuation Methods such as Going Concern Value and Liquidation value.
  • Valuation conclusions and sanity checks to ensure that the valuations make business sense. Assign weights to various appraisal methods.
  • Easy Schedule Printing for total control over printing.

Customize to fit your unique needs.

Express Business Valuation has over 100 customizable built-in schedules--select the ones appropriate for your circumstances using a friendly setup menu. Add unique footnotes to each schedule. Numerous built-in charts and graphs add impact to your valuation and can also be customized.

A wide range of free product and technical support.

Start with the video tutorial to learn each step of the valuation process. Free conference call training (twice a month) and free phone, e-mail or WebEx technical support for 90 days. Online user's manual provides detailed help down to the individual field level and provides helpful insight into valuation practice and theory.

Quick Valuation Report Writer.

Express Business Valuation automatically generates a complete 25+ page Valuation Report for Word in less than 60 seconds. Report includes Cover Letter and Summary; Assumptions and Limiting Conditions; Financial Review and Industry Comparison; Valuation Methodology; Valuation Summary; Hypothetical Deal Scenario; and Cash Flow and Analysis Schedules. The report has hotlinks to your valuation data for instant updates to numbers, tables and charts in your valuation report. No more scouring for multiple locations throughout your report when you make an assumption change. For a much more powerful report writer including optional content, libraries and much more, save $100 when ordering Express Business Valuation along with the Business Valuation Report Writer.

Deal Structure Schedules

Including schedules for allocating purchase price among assets and liabilities, hypothetical terms of sale, buyer's and seller's settlement, post sales cash flow, payback period, IRR and "what-if" performance and valuation schedules.

Need the power of the most advanced valuation software available? Consider ValuSource Pro. Need more detail? Click here for a comparison matrix of our valuation software offerings.


CPA Software News (rated 4 1/2 stars out of 5): "Express Business Valuation offers financial professionals a simplified way to automate and standardize business valuation processes. . .Express Business Valuation has done a good job of tweaking Excel into a fairly powerful valuation tool. The ease of movement within the program and its excellent Word-based reporting function combine to provide detailed analyses and output with user friendliness."

Only line of valuation software offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Richard Claywell, CPA, CVA, CM&A, CFD: "I've done hundreds of valuations in the last 20 years, have taught business valuation courses for 10 years, and have developed an EXTENSIVE set of my own Excel spreadsheets for valuation AND I use ValuSource's Express Business Valuation (EBV) software. I find EBV a great compliment to the spreadsheets I've developed myself. Since EBV is written in Excel, I can use Excel to customize it just like I customize my own spreadsheets and get exactly what I want. I love EBV's built-in report writer that automatically creates valuation reports in Word in minutes. ValuSource has done a great job building a full fledged valuation program around Microsoft® Excel and Word. If you perform business valuations, you owe it to yourself to try EBV."

System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 or 2013.

Note to users outside the US: This product requires US Windows Regional Settings. If you do not normally use US settings for dates (MM/DD/YYYY) and numbers (','=thousands separator, '.'=decimal point), then you will need to temporarily change your Regional Settings to US in order to perform a valuation (you can change back to your own regional settings when the valuation is complete). If temporarily changing to US Settings will not work on your system, then this product will not operate properly.

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