IBA Market Data

One Year Subscription $495.00
IBA Market Data

Originally exclusive to the Institute of Business Appraisers, the IBA Market Data database has been called the largest and most useful collection of business transactions. Appraisers find it a powerful resource for business valuation.


The premier data source for the Market Approach, IBA Market Data provides more and better transaction data:

  • More comps: over 37,000 comparables
  • More industries: over 800 industries (SIC codes)
  • More large sales: over 2,500 over $1M
  • More recent: over 6,000 from the last 5 years

With IBA Market Data, you have not only a large number of comparables across a large number of SIC / NACIS codes, but for the first time you will have access to the expanded data as well. Besides Price/Sales, Price/EBT, SIC, NAICS, Location, Annual Gross, Annual Earnings, Owner’s Comp, Sales Price, Business Description, sale date, and geographic area, there are fifteen asset fields (for one year) and sixteen income statement fields (for three years). The expanded data does not exist for every transaction, but there is a significant amount of expanded data and it’s growing every month.

You will also receive the IBA Market Data Analyzer, an Excel template that imports your selected data and analyzes that data. With this information, the appraiser can objectively place the subject business in the market.