Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.)

Mail Order Manager (M.O.M.)

Manage all aspects of Direct Marketing, eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management and much more.

Direct Marketing, E-Commerce and Customer Relationship Management Software

A comprehensive solution that handles all aspects of managing direct marketing and customer relationships--from list management to customer information management to order fulfillment and inventory for any business that takes orders online, by phone or by mail.


Turn Prospects into Customers and Customers into Repeat Customers

Using M.O.M.'s extensive list management module: Manage ecommerce and direct marketing efforts by generating highly targeted lists of prospects or customers with the greatest probability of sales success, using any criteria including existing sales, profit or demographic data. Automatically clean lists for incomplete addresses, duplicates and change of address information. Mail/merge lists into printed letters/labels, broadcast faxes or e-mails--or link the list to Mail Order Manager's optional telemarketing module. Extensive reporting options allow you to thoroughly test the success of direct mail, e-mail, telemarketing, advertising or web campaigns to continuously improve future marketing efforts.

Extensive Customer Management Functionality

Fully understand your customers' needs, whether your business sells to consumers or other businesses. Using the list management module, you can easily customize the customer database to include any specific information that is relevant to your business. Any customer can be searched in seconds, with all relevant customer information available in one location: from orders to payments to customer contacts to demographics. Points or reward programs can be easily established to encourage customer loyalty.

Order Management and Inventory functions

Quickly turn your customers' orders into profits. Order entry features ensure that your customers' orders are entered quickly and accurately. Extensive order processing functionality enables your business to efficiently handle order fulfillment, packing and shipping operations. Purchasing and inventory functions allow you to effectively work with multiple suppliers and to define and manage the inventory and pricing of virtually any type of product or service.

Ecommerce Store Creation and Management is built right in.

Works seamlessly with today's most popular shopping carts and marketplaces such as eBay®, Amazon®, Yahoo!®, MIVA®, SiteLINK® and others. Bidirectional feeds automate all the daily processes such as order imports, inventory availability and online order status.

Manager and Executive Level Reporting

Get quick snapshots of critical performance areas. Thousands of reports and graph configurations to choose from including a "Manager's Dashboard" that give you real time views of the most important areas of your business onscreen or via email alerts.


Web Commerce Today: "Businesses considering setting up an online store ought to look at Mail Order Manager software from Dydacomp Development Corp., which integrates all of the complex functions needed in a mail order type business -- and an online store. Several of our website clients have used M.O.M. in their businesses for years and swear by it."

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