Mindjet MindManager Mac

Mindjet MindManager Mac $129.00
Mindjet MindManager Mac

Now Available for the Mac! Visual Brainstorming, Planning, Organizing and Sharing Ideas and Information.

Now Available for the Mac! MindManager helps to organize, visualize and communicate ideas and information using a widely used technique called "mind mapping" or "business mapping". Quickly and easily capture, organize and share your ideas.


Quickly create "business maps" to visually organize and communicate your thoughts, ideas and other information.

Choose from a variety of professional chart styles; quickly organize your information in topics and subtopics; open and close topics to focus in on any area.

A wide variety of uses.

We are constantly hearing of new ways that customers are using MindManager to brainstorm, organize their activities and make their lives more productive. The possibilities are endless: generate new business ideas; organize project tasks; take notes at seminars, conferences and classes; plan events; summarize books; plan and run meetings; organize your activities and much more.

Jumpstart your Project Planning

  • Quickly manage and document brainstorming sessions when scoping your project. MindManager allows you to visually organize your project team and scope as well as plan the initial tasks, activities, resources and timeline. MindManager has long been the industry standard for documenting brainstorming sessions and is an ideal tool for facilitating project planning sessions and performing the initial project organization.
  • Create a compelling project org chart.
  • Create a project portal containing project budgets, documents, meetings and other information in a project dashboard.
  • Transform your initial project plan into a FastTrack Schedule plan. After scoping and defining the initial plan, you're ready to export and start using FastTrack Schedule's premium level project management capabilities.

Share Your Maps

Publish your maps as .PDF files or export them to JPG, PNG or TIFF formats to include them in other programs.


MacWorld, 4 Stars: "offers an elegant user interface and excellent tools for brainstorming, webbing, and mapping everything from major projects to simple school reports. The program provides myriad ways to graphically organize your ideas and share them with colleagues and collaborators. "

MacNN: "Any project with multiple tasks and people is easier to administer once you map it out with MindManager."

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