PathMaker 6.1

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PathMaker 6.1

Powerful set of tools for effective improvement projects, meeting management, quality management and data analysis.

PathMaker provides a wide range of management tools based on many of the most important recent management and productivity innovations. If you are involved in creative thinking, analytical thinking, decision making, data analysis, projects, meetings, or if you are responsible for quality management, PathMaker will help you significantly improve your effectiveness.


Effectively Organize and Manage a Wide Range of Improvement Projects.

PathMaker contains a powerful toolbox that goes far beyond standard planning and project tools. It also helps you organize those tools for the specific needs of any project or task. Manage virtually any type of project or task including Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma Quality, ISO 9000:2000, Benchmarking, Strategic Planning, Re-engineering, Total Quality Management projects and much more.

Organize your Project

  • The Project Pathway organizes your project into individual steps, each of which is associated with one of Pathmaker’s tools (or with a document, spreadsheet or other file). Simply click a button to launch the tool to get the latest results for each step.
  • Other Project Information includes the project name and other basic project information, project team members (users who have access to the project data and who can have tasks assigned to them), action items (to record specific tasks related to the project or a meeting) and a discussion history (to manage discussion topics related to the project).

Meeting Support Tool

Meeting Support Tool Prepare meeting agendas by selecting the applicable tasks in the Project Pathway. During the meeting you can launch any of the PathMaker tools and record discussions, decisions and action points. PathMaker will automatically turn your agenda into meeting minutes which can be viewed by all team members.

Flowchart Tool

Quickly and easily create process flow and relations diagrams. Quickly and easily control shapes, fonts, colors, connections and text with automatic alignment, resizing, spacing and grid alignment.

Cause and Effect Tool

Discover the root causes of problems using cause and effect/Ishikawa diagramming. Create the traditional diagonal line "fishbone" diagram for quick construction and visibility. Collapse or expand branches, zoom in and out, format text and spacing.

Form Design Tool

Create your own forms to store and organize virtually any type of information for your project. Create your own form templates or use one of the standard form templates such as FMEA, Problem Solving Guide, SWOT Analysis, Customers and Suppliers, Process Boundaries, Ground Rules and many more.

Brainstorm and Affinity Diagram Tool

This tool allows you to rapidly document a group’s creative ideas to a central question. Drag and drop ideas to quickly sort them into affinity sets or groups. Collapse and expand affinity sets and use the output for cause & effect diagrams or consensus voting.

Consensus Builder Tool

Quickly achieve group consensus on difficult issues through rapid, iterative, anonymous voting. Results are quickly tallied and graphed. Results can be based on multi-voting (e.g. each voter has multiple votes for multiple candidates), simple rating (e.g. candidates rated on a scale of 1-10) and multiple criteria rating. Documents discussion of each candidate and highlights areas of disagreement to more quickly understand differences and achieve consensus.

Force Field Diagram Tool

Analyze or clarify an issue by graphically depicting forces that drive change and those that restrain change. The diagram documents driving forces on the left side and restraining forces on the right. Can also be used for pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, actions and reactions and much more.

Data Analyst Tool

Analyze and track process or other performance data using a wide range of statistical and charting tools: run charts, pie charts, scatter plots, bar charts, histograms, Pareto charts, normal test plots, and statistical control charts (x bar s, x bar R, individual and moving range, c, u, p and np). Even with no statistical background, the program’s "wizards" help you choose the appropriate charts and to request the relevant data. You have complete control over the data and can easily customize the charts and chart formatting.

Get Up to Speed Quickly With Slideshows.

PathMaker contains 32 embedded slide shows to show you how to use each tool, explain the basics of quality improvement, teamwork and much more. You can easily add your own presentations to make them available to your project members.

Easily Export Your Diagrams

Export to popular word processing and presentation packages.


Computer Shopper: "Let your computer and PathMaker carve out a professional path to success."

Quality Digest: "This is by far the best of this genre of software that we have tested."

Van Christopher, Capital PC User Group: "PathMaker is an outstanding program from SkyMark which combines analytical, creative, logical and project management tools all in one superb package....It is loaded with the tools you need to do your job."

VP of Finance for an investment firm: "Wow! Having purchased numerous other packages, PathMaker is, in my opinion, the first which truly joins these many techniques into solving a company's needs."

Training Manager for a telecommunications company: "I have tried the others; this is the best."

Dr. Rusty Clifford, West Carrollton Schools: "PathMaker is an extremely powerful, user-friendly package that our entire district - students, staff and administrators - is using to improve student learning and organizational performance."

Dr. Diane Rivers, Quality Education Systems: "We're now using PathMaker everywhere we go. Its quality improvement tools are ideal for our school reform model, and they fit perfectly into the new world of No Child Left Behind."

The Director of Nursing in a Houston Hospital: "this is fantastic! Every manager should buy this!"

PathMaker is used by numerous small and large organizations including Allstate, Caterpillar, Disney, Fidelity Investments, Hewlett Packard, Johnson and Johnson, NASA, RitzCarlton, Sheraton, Toyota, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Navy and many more.

System Requirements

40 MB disk space, 20 MB RAM, Windows 2000/XP/ME/98/95/NT 4.0.

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