Plan Write for Pricing

Plan Write for Pricing $229.95
Plan Write for Pricing

Use expert analysis to determine the optimal pricing strategy and quickly create a complete pricing plan document.

PlanWrite for Pricing helps you strategically analyze any product to create the optimal pricing strategy for your unique competitive environment. It then helps you use this analysis to create financial projections and a professional pricing plan document.


Assess your Environment.

Plan Write for Pricing starts with a 40 question interview that walks you through a detailed assessment of your business environment including your company, competitors the overall market and customers.

Evaluate Pricing Options.

Plan Write for Pricing helps walk you through various pricing options based on the results of your interview and helps you analyze a variety of strategies. Should you price at a premium level or price aggressively to quickly penetrate the market? Should you price relative to your competition or based on historic prices? Should you price relative to your prospect’s budget or based on governmental controls? Plan Write for Pricing helps you navigate the pros and cons of each option so you can determine the ideal strategy for your product and environment.

Determine your Sales Potential.

PlanWrite for Pricing provides a complete expert analysis of your sales potential including price versus quality considerations. Plan Write for Pricing generates a full analysis report and much more.

Generate Financial Projections.

Determine the bottom line impact of your pricing strategies and view a variety of metrics such as average selling price, channel contributions, cost/price ratio, price versus volume and competitive pricing and market share.

Generate a Pricing Plan.

Quickly document your pricing strategy and generate a professional and complete Word document plan. Plan Write for Pricing provides guidance and examples throughout the plan-writing process. Your plan can easily be customized. Add, delete or rearrange topics. Add text, charts or spreadsheets to your plan.


Part of the award-winning BRS product line that has received rave reviews in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Entrepreneur, PC World, Success, Newsweek, Black Enterprise, CPA Software News, Marketing Tools Magazine and many other publications.

Part of the BRS line of products that has been purchased by thousands of small and large businesses and organizations including American Express, AT&T, Boeing, Dun and Bradstreet, Eastman Kodak, Ernst & Young, Federal Express, Harvard University, IBM, Motorola, Pfizer, Toyota and Xerox.

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