Public Company Data

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Public Company Data

Appraisers who wish to employ the guideline public company method will find the public company data they need at a lower cost and greater speed with the Public Company Database, which also includes ValuSource’s Guideline Analyzer spreadsheet to make the selection of appropriate company data faster and easier.


When you employ the Guideline Public Company Method, you face two expensive challenges: First, finding a source of public data that is complete and provided in a standard financial statement format and second, selecting appropriate comparable companies (i.e. those companies that are comparable, based on the specifics of the subject company).

To solve these challenges, ValuSource’s web-based Public Company Data allows you to enter simple selection criteria to quickly and easily obtain potential public company matches. The product contains both annual and quarterly data (including full financial statements) for five years. Once you have selected potentially comparable companies, you can use ValuSource’s exclusive Guideline Analyzer Excel template to compare the financial performance your subject company and the potentially comparable public companies. The analyzer will assist you in determining which public companies are truly comparable. You can also export the data to Excel to perform your own analysis.

Works with these software products

  • Microsoft® Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet
  • Can be used in conjunction with ValuSource Pro
  • Can be used in conjunction with Business Valuation Manager Pro
  • Can be used in conjunction with Express Business Valuation

System Requirements and Compatibility:

Web-Based Product System Requirements & Compatibility

Requires web browser (IE7+ or FireFox 3.5+) and Microsoft® Excel or Excel-compatible spreadsheet