Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management

Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management $125.00
Simple Tools and Techniques for Enterprise Risk Management

A highly structured approach to easily implement enterprise risk management processes in your own organization

494 pages
June 2006

From the Publisher:
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) represents a fundamental shift in the way businesses must approach risk. As the economy becomes more service driven and globally oriented, businesses cannot afford to let new, unforeseen areas of risk remain unidentified. Currency fluctuations, human resources in foreign countries, evaporating distribution channels, corporate governance, and unprecedented dependence on technology are just a few of the new risks businesses must assess.

This accessible book, aimed at the implementers and practitioners of ERM, provides a highly structured approach so you can easily implement processes in your own organization. You'll find a number of case studies and practical examples from a variety of industries. The chapters are organized in a way that leads you through ERM implementation and include risk identification techniques, risk modelling methods, and the underlying statistics. Order your copy today!

Rob Chapman is currently a principal consultant with Insight Consulting, part of Siemens Communications. Prior to this appointment he was a director of risk management at Hornagold & Hills, Capro Consulting and Osprey Project Management. He has provided risk management services to companies within the pharmaceutical, aviation, rail, broadcast, heritage, water, sport, oil and gas, construction and transportation industries as well to local authorities in the public sector. Dr Chapman has had articles published by PLC Strategies, Project, the Architects’ Journal and PropertyWeek and refereed papers published by the Journal of International Project Management and Construction Management & Economics. He was awarded a PhD in risk management from Reading University in 1998 for research into the impact of changes in personnel on the delivery of objectives for investment projects. Additionally he has completed research on the subject of risk management on behalf of the Architects Registration Council of the United Kingdom (ARCUK). His book entitled Retaining Design Team Members, a Risk Management Approach was published by RIBA Enterprises Ltd, London, in 2002 which examines the causes behind employee turnover, the impact it can have and the risk mitigation actions that can be implemented to reduce the likelihood of occurrence.

"Enterprise Risk Management is a necessary and valuable tool for identifying, quantifying and mitigating risks across an organisation but it is also a significant undertaking in terms of knowledge and application. In these days of fiscal regulatory and political correctness this book addresses ERM in its broadest sense, providing useful reference and examples. Written in a clear and concise manner the content should be of tremendous value to anyone involved in risk, audit or corporate governance whether as an analyst or board member."
—Robin Paris,Director, Group Risk, Nestlé