CFO / Accountant

We offer a range of financial software products designed to help you analyze and improve your organization's financial effectiveness and efficiency. Among our most popular and recommended resources for CFOs are: The New CFO Financial Leadership Manual book for checklists and summaries of a CFO's role Business valuation software for valuing your firm or aiding in mergers and acquisitions Accounting Policies and Procedures to jumpstart your documentation efforts. Forecast product sales, activities or historical data that will impact your revenues or costs

Finance / Accounting

We have researched and assembled some of the most powerful accounting and financial software available with a target cost of $100 to $1,000. Software for CFOs, CPAs, Controllers, Consultants, Financial Analysts and other financial professionals. For additional quantitative analysis software, please see our Business Analysis Software section.

Human Resources

As a human resources professional, you know that there are never enough hours in the day to tackle all the challenges you are facing. The HR software tools at MBAWare are designed to squeeze some extra time into your busy day by streamlining your tasks and processes at a cost-effective price (most products cost between $100 to $1,000). Browse through the human resources software selections below to see how you can increase your professional effectiveness today!


As a manager, you need to be equipped with the right tools to make you and your team more effective. Our management software offerings are designed for a wide variety of management uses. Many of these tools are specific to one function (such as project management) and many can be used in a virtually every department or function to improve your productivity and management effectiveness.

Sales & Marketing

Your marketing team is juggling an ever increasing set of demands. Our selection of powerful marketing software will help you automate and streamline your marketing tasks and increase your marketing effectiveness with a high ROI--most offerings have a cost of only $100 to $1,000. For advanced quantitative analysis software to analyze marketing or sales data, please see our Business Analysis Software section as well.