Management Software

Management Software

As a manager, you need to be equipped with the right tools to make you and your team more effective. Our management software offerings are designed for a wide variety of management uses. Many of these tools are specific to one function (such as project management) and many can be used in a virtually every department or function to improve your productivity and management effectiveness.

Business Plan Software

Award winning software for developing powerful, professional business plans for your own business or for your clients.

Business Process Management Software

Documenting, re-engineering, simulating and analyzing business processes.

Business Strategy Software

Analyze and plan your business's or client's overall business, product and marketing strategy.

Database Software

Easy, but powerful solutions for storing, retrieving and reporting on your organization's information.

General Management Software Tools

Software that provides a "toolbox" of functions to help nearly any manager.

Innovation Software / Creativity Software / Brainstorming Software

Software to promote innovation and brainstorming and help guide creative solutions to business problems.

IT Management Software and Books

We offer a range of software and definitive reference books for effectively managing your Information Technology (IT) environment. Also, be sure to view our project management software offerings.

Knowledge Management Software

Software to manage company knowledge, information, files, documents, e-mails, images or other content.

Language Translation Software

Essential tools for international business! Quickly and accurately translate web pages, marketing collateral, office documents, PDF files and more. Make the business world smaller and easier to manage.

Meeting Management Software

Software to organize, faciliate and manage meetings.

Microsoft Office 2007

Microsoft Office applications are the industry standard--you can't run a business without these basic business applications. Available individually or in Office Suites.

MindManager Pro and Mac

The quickest way to capture, organize and communicate ideas and information! MBAWare is an authorized reseller partner of the award-winning MindManager line of products. MindManager Pro and Mac will save time and money by quickly capturing, organizing and communicating business information and ideas. MindManager has over 750,000 customers who rely on it for organizing information, brainstorming, project management and process documentation.

Organization Chart Software

Our organization chart software offerings help you quickly create and distribute attractive organization charts for dynamic businesses and other organizations.

Policies and Procedures Manuals

Writing policies and procedures manuals doesn't have to be tedious. These pre-written manuals of policies, procedures and forms will: Save time on your documentation efforts. No need to write what has already been written. Cover all bases. Ensure that you have professionally-written, well thought-out policies and procedures. Reduce risk and legal liability. Make sure that all critical policies are documented for HR, financial, IT and other internal controls.

Presentation Management Software

Software to quickly build effective, new presentations or manage the content of slides in existing presentations. Or use a tool like MindManager to perform dynamic presentations without slides.

Project Management Software and Books

We offer a range of project management software tools to effectively deliver your projects on time and within the budget. Our software offerings run the range of project management tasks including: general project management (FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft Project) software for small to mid size projects (Project KickStart) brainstorming and facilitating inital project tasks and resources (MindManager) managing projects with high risks and uncertainties (RiskyProject) process improvement projects (Pathmaker)

Quality Management Software

Software to handle all aspects of effectively managing your organization's quality improvement efforts.