Sales Software & Marketing Software

Your marketing team is juggling an ever increasing set of demands. Our selection of powerful marketing software will help you automate and streamline your marketing tasks and increase your marketing effectiveness with a high ROI--most offerings have a cost of only $100 to $1,000.

For advanced quantitative analysis software to analyze marketing or sales data, please see our Business Analysis Software section as well.

Business Strategy Software

Analyze and plan your business's or client's overall business, product and marketing strategy.

Customer Contact Management Software

Customer Contact Management software is used to maintain your customer and prospect information, your contacts with those customers and planning for future contacts.

Direct Marketing Software

Direct marketing software to manage one-to-one customer marketing.

Forecasting Software

Software to automate forecasts for sales, marketing, finance or manufacturing using trend analyses, time series analyses, various regression analyses and other advanced forecasting techniques.

Innovation Software / Creativity Software / Brainstorming Software

Software to promote innovation and brainstorming and help guide creative solutions to business problems.

Internet Marketing / eCommerce Software

Internet Marketing / eCommerce Software to optimize your web pages for search engines and manage your e-Commerce efforts.

Language Translation Software

Essential tools for international business! Quickly and accurately translate web pages, marketing collateral, office documents, PDF files and more. Make the business world smaller and easier to manage.

Mapping Software with Demographics

Mapping software to analyze geographic mapping and demographic information.

Market Research Software / Surveying Software

Market research and surveying software can guide you toward fully understanding your customers' needs and expectations through easy-to-create survey and analysis tools.

Marketing Plan Software

Develop, manage and track effective marketing plans that get results.

New Product Development Software

Software to analyze the success potential of new products or services.

Presentation Management Software

Software to quickly build effective, new presentations or manage the content of slides in existing presentations. Or use a tool like MindManager to perform dynamic presentations without slides.

Pricing Strategy Software

Software to determine the optimal pricing strategy for your product or service.

Sales Management Software

Software to manage your sales leads, sales force, customers and customer contacts.