askSAM Web Publisher 6

askSAM Web Publisher 6 $1,495.00
askSAM Web Publisher 6

Quickly publish your askSAM databases to the Internet or Intranet with no programming required.

Quickly publish askSAM databases to the Internet or corporate Intranet with very little effort and no programming required. Any user with a browser can view, search and navigate the data. askSAM is the easiest way to store and retrieve your company's knowledge--Web Publisher is the easiest way to distribute that information over the Web or an Intranet.


askSAM (sold separately) stores data from a variety of files:

Text, HTML, e-mail, Word, Word Perfect, Access, dBase, Foxpro, Excel, Paradox, ODBC import, RTF, comma or tab-delimited or fixed format files.

askSAM (sold separately) automatically creates databases from stored information.

askSAM takes your imported or entered information and turns it into a fully-functioning database including indexes, links and forms to manage the data.

Publish your askSAM database to an Intranet or to the Internet with no programming.

askSAM Web Publisher takes an existing askSAM database and links it to your existing Web Server. Data is accessed by users dynamically in real-time.

Allow users to quickly search for relevant information.

askSAM Web Publisher's search engine allows users to search for information using an extensive set of search options: full text, boolean, proximity, dates, numeric, wildcard and "fuzzy" searches. Custom search forms can be set up for each database.

Update information from an HTML form.

The data or information stored on the site's databases can be updated directly by users using straightforward Web-based forms.


ZDNet (rating of 8.2)/CNET Editor's Choice: "If you're still using Word for Windows to keep your address book and your e-mail client as a PIM, then you should be using askSam. . .AskSam won't replace Oracle or SQL Server in running the company's bookkeeping, but it will help those on the front line wading through documents to get more information from their data."

PC Computing: "Whether your information is simple, structured, or random, askSam provides an easy way to stash it and an easy way to find it again. Best of all, since it behaves like a word processor, you won't spend weeks learning to use it"

Database Magazine: "I've used a lot of different tools for searching, but I've yet to find anything that approaches the depth, variety, strength, and sophistication of the search tools that askSam provides."

PC World: "Even computer-savvy users expect databases to be huge, hard to use, and best for storing and searching vast quantities of business data. The beauty of AskSam 4, the most recent version of a venerable product, is that it can manage large amounts of text but it's quick to learn and easy to use for much smaller data collections as well. . .AskSam helps you find needles in haystacks with its searching and reporting tools."

Web Developer Magazine: "askSam is the fastest and easiest way I know to make data accessible on the Web."

PC Magazine, Editor's Choice: "askSam remains an excellent choice for manipulation of real-world data."

Technical Specifications

For askSAM:

  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 30 MB of disk space (plus the space required by your documents and databases)
  • Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003 or Windows XP

For Web Publisher:

  • A Web server running Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, 2003, or Windows XP (We recommend Win NT, Win 2000, Win 2003 or Win XP Professional running NTFS)
  • 8 MB of free disk space (plus the space required by your databases)
  • 32-bit Web server software (for example: Microsoft IIS and Apache)

No risk! 90 day guarantee on all askSAM products.