Expert Business Case

Standard Version $295.00
Pro Version $445.00
Expert Business Case

A powerful set of tools for automating the creation and analysis of business cases, cost-benefit analyses and capital budgeting analyses.

Business case analysis / capital budgeting software

Expert Business Case saves time and improves your business results by automating the analysis of multi-year financial scenarios such as

  • business cases
  • cost-benefit analyses, and
  • capital budgeting analyses.

Work from within the familiar Excel environment and quickly generate financial cash flow models, business case documents, tables, charts and analyses--all the tools that you will need to optimize the results of multi-year financial decisions and communicate the benefits of your business case to your or your customer's organization.


Overcome many common causes of business case failure:

  • Use the right business case decision metrics and calculate them properly
  • Quickly and easily create a complete financial cash flow model to analyze your business case
  • Make the optimal business decision and gain approval from others by quickly generating a complete business case document covering all critical aspects needed for an informed decision.
  • Objectively compare your alternatives using both financial and non-financial criteria
  • Quickly analyze complex financial models to pinpoint and refine the critical assumptions that will have the greatest impact on the success of your case.
  • Quickly analyze complex financial models to quantify risks and the odds of success or failure

Choose the best course of action

Optimize the results of your organization's or your client's multi-year business cases, cost/benefit analyses and capital budgeting based on a sound, defensible analysis.

Gain consensus on the business case

Efficiently communicate the results of your analysis using the automatically-generated tables, charts and "what if" analyses.

Instant Access to Commonly Used Business Case Metrics.

Just highlight any cash flow range in Excel and the most commonly used metrics--Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Return on Investment (ROI), Payback Period and more--are available at a click of the mouse. Another click will instantly generate charts and tables comparing cash flows from multiple business case alternatives.

Ensure your financial cash flow projections are accurate.

Expert Business Case provides a Financial Cash Flow Wizard which walks you through each step in the creation of a complete business case financial cash flow model from entering Benefits, Costs and Capital Expenses to the automatic creation of an Excel model complete with ROI metrics. It also offers a range of templates and sample financial cash flow models for a variety of uses: single year, multi year, simple, standard and detailed.

Dramatically decrease the time needed to generate a professional business case document containing everything you will need to get it approved.

Expert Business Case walks you step-by-step through all the topics needed to create a complete business case document. Topics in the business case document include:

  • Introduction: Title, authors, audience, business case objectives and rationale, current situation, constraints, scope and more.
  • Evaluation Criteria: Select from all the standard business case evaluation criteria: Net Present Value, IRR, Return on Investment and more. Define and use non-financial criteria.
  • Alternatives/Options/Scenarios: Compare up to 5 competing alternatives
  • Financial Model: Define your data sources, describe your assumptions and link to your Excel financial model.
  • Analysis:
    • Compare your alternatives across the various financial metrics
    • Objectively compare your alternatives based on non-financial criteria by using weighted average scores.
  • Recommendation: Shows your recommendation and rationale.
  • Risk Analysis (Professional Version Only): Includes an assumption sensitivity analysis and business case simulation to determine risks and the probability of success or failure.
  • Conclusions

Identify assumptions with the greatest impact on the success of your business case (Professional Version Only).

Expert Business Case can quickly isolate critical assumptions on business case cash flow models--even complex models with hundreds of assumptions. Identify the assumptions that are most critical to review or revise before accepting the case and the assumptions that are critical to manage after accepting the business case.

Gain a complete understanding of the probability of success or failure of your business case (Professional Version Only).

Expert Business Case runs a simulation of thousands of cases to provide a much more complete picture of the most likely outcomes. Instead of static analyses with a single answer (the NPV will be $800,000), Expert Business Case provides a richer view of the business case such as: there is a 50% chance that the NPV will fall between $500,000 and $1.8 million with a 10% chance of a negative NPV.

Use any Excel Workbook.

You can analyze business cases from within the familiar Excel environment using any Excel workbook, whether you created the model or you are using someone else's model. The analyses can be output and saved to a standard Excel workbook as well.

The ROI for Purchasing Expert Business Case

For CFOs, Controllers and corporate finance professionals:

Expert Business Case provides advanced analysis functions for multi-year capital budgeting and investment choices. It will provide tools to help you make a more informed decision that can significantly outweigh the software cost.

For consultants and CPAs:

Expert Business Case will help you improve the consulting services you offer your clients or let you add new services by helping your clients make more informed decisions on their multi-year financial analyses. Expert Business Case can easily be paid back on a single client engagement.

For Business Development and Sales Professionals:

Use the Financial Model Wizard and Templates to quickly create business cases to help your sales prospects to fully understand the benefit of purchasing your product or service and to help get financial approval within their organization.

System Requirements

  • IBM PC or compatible 200 MHz or faster
  • Windows 98/NT4/2000/XP (not yet Vista compatible)
  • Excel/Word 2000/2003/XP (not yet Excel/Word 2007 Compatible)
  • 70 MB free hard disk space