Pluris DLOM Database

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Pluris DLOM Database

The courts continue to indicate a preference for discounts for lack of marketability determined through the use of restricted stock studies. With over 3,600 records and up to 80 data items per record, the Pluris DLOM Database is the largest resource for valuators to use for developing their own restricted stock studies.

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The Pluris DLOM Database is constructed of data from restricted stock private placements transactions. But where other restricted stock transaction databases stop, the Pluris DLOM Database is just beginning.

Your discount, not someone else’s

The Pluris DLOM Database is just that – a searchable database containing actual transactions in restricted stock and private placements. With this data your determination of an appropriate marketability discount for your valuation will be based on actual transaction data, not on some author’s opinion, or prior court cases, or a median value from a smaller study.

More than 3000 transactions since 2001

Pluris DLOM has more than 10 times as many transactions as other commercial databases. How can the Pluris DLOM Database be so much larger than other commercial restricted stock studies? First and foremost, because the PrivateRaise data is simply more complete than any ad-hoc search of news on private placements. Finding, analyzing, and displaying private placement data is the main business of PrivateRaise, not just a part-time effort. And their data is relied on by deal makers world-wide in league tables, etc.The Pluris DLOM Database includes both restricted stock transactions with and without warrants. Including these transactions with warrants not only increases the total number of transactions, but provides the appraiser with a much wider range of companies and industries to analyze. However, the search interface for the Pluris DLOM Database also allows the user to screen for only transactions without warrant coverage. This gives you more companies to choose from and increases the probability of finding companies appropriate for the fact pattern of your valuation. In addition, the continued expansion of the database backwards in time will provide an expanded universe of transactions for regression analysis and other statistical analyses.