Staff Files 8.0

Standard Version $295.00
Pro Version $490.00
Staff Files 8.0

Our best selling HR software package! Everything you need to manage your company's employee information.

Streamlines the process of managing personnel information for your employees.


Maintains basic employee information

Including contact information, hire date, Social Security Number, EEO data, W-4 Status, I-9 renewal date, emergency information, benefits and 10 custom user-defined fields.

Maintain compensation history

Compensation data for each employee including all pay adjustments.

Maintain employee evaluation information

Including dates and information on each performance evaluation. Create rating categories and calculate total and average scores.

Manage and track benefit information.

For each employee, keep track of 401K, Health, Life, Dental and Vision information or create your own custom benefit categories. Receive reminders for when employees are eligible for benefits.

Quickly and easily communicate with your employees.

Create and send employee letters using Staff Files data with 34 pre-defined templates including benefit eligibility, upcoming evaluation, welcome, promotion, recommendation and termination letters and much more. Edit these templates for your needs or create your own letters using Microsoft Word. E-mail reminders let you set up future communication with employees such as eligibility dates.

Manage employee documents and images

Including resumes, applications, performance reviews and miscellaneous forms.

Manage employee accruals and time used

Calculates data for vacation and sick leave or any additional categories that you define. You will always have the answer to the "How much vacation do I have?" question from your employees.

Document separation information

Document when an employee leaves the firm including separation date, rehire status and notes.

Document Training and Certification

Track the various training and certifications for your employees. Add reminders to trigger when certifications expire.

Multi-user capable with custom user security.

Determine which employees need access to what information. For example, HR management may have access to all information while HR administration may be restricted from accessing salary information. Security can also be set by department.

Includes a wide variety of reports.

  • Built-in reports include: employee information; emergency contacts; wage report; evaluations; benefit eligibility and enrollment; accruals; separation; staff report; seniority; EEO Detail or Summary report; Mailing Labels; phone lists, employee birthdays, employee anniversaries and more.
  • Custom reports can be built. If someone on your staff knows Microsoft Access, they can create customized reports, and these reports can be attached to Staff Files. If the report you need is not included, just create your own.
  • Reports can be sorted or filtered to ensure the report fits the group of employees you need it for.

Start using the product quickly by importing your existing data from QuickBooks, Microsoft Small Business Accounting or text files.

Quickly import existing employee information and avoid data entry errors.


Entrepreneur Magazine: "Staff Files gives you the tools you need to effectively maintain employee data and track important human resources information."

CPA Software News, 4 Stars: "If you're in the market for a comprehensive human resource management software that will store and retrieve employee files, take a look at Staff Files 3.0 from Atlas Business Solutions. . .Staff Files 3.0 offers small to mid-sized companies a secure storage facility for their personnel files, along with easy access and navigation. For companies with limited staff and limited time, it could be the ideal solution."

Customers range from over 10,000 small and mid-size companies and organizations to large, well-known firms such as American Express, American Red Cross, Capital One, Con Edison, Dell, McDonald's, Outward Bound, Oracle, Prudential Securities, Southwestern Bell, the Washington Post and many more.

Technical Specifications

IBM compatible Pentium or higher PC; Windows 98/2000/NT/Me/XP/Vista; 60 MB RAM; 20 MB hard disk space; CD-ROM Drive

90 DAY GUARANTEE ON Staff Files!

Please note that the number of users below refers to how many users will access the software (typically from the HR staff), not the number of employees in the company.

Staff Files - Pro Version

Contains all of the features of Staff Files Standard plus includes HR Document Maker built in to document office policies, personnel forms and checklists, job descriptions and employee handbooks!