Visual Staff Scheduler PRO 12.0

Visual Staff Scheduler PRO 12.0 $495.00
Visual Staff Scheduler PRO 12.0

Easily and effectively manage the scheduling of your staff with the industry-leading shift scheduling software solution.

Quickly and easily manage employee schedules. Simply list employees, define shifts and start scheduling. With over 70,000 users worldwide, Visual Staff Scheduler PRO is the standard in staff scheduling software. It is used in small single-site companies as well as multi-national companies scheduling thousands of people at multiple locations.


Ideal for any organization that needs to keep track of their shift scheduling.

Visual Staff Scheduler PRO is used by hospitals, police and fire departments, call centers, service operations and in virtually any type of organization that needs to keep track of employee shifts and schedules.

Easily define multiple shifts and schedules.

Shifts are defined by start time, end time and break times. Schedules can take multiple locations, training, vacation, sick or other leave into consideration as well as the impact of shift rotations. Schedules can be customized for various types of businesses.

Schedule employees to shifts, departments, jobs and locations.

Visual Staff Scheduler PRO allows you to easily manage scheduling on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Customize your output to match your specific requirements. VSS PRO can help identify shifts that have minimum staffing requirements and are under-scheduled. Employee data can be imported from QuickBooks. Employees can also be scheduled by skills, certifications, seniority and desired work hours.

Analyze scheduling

Automatically determine over- or under-scheduling down to quarter-hour increments. Check coverage by position, shift, department, or location.

A wide variety of standard and custom reports

Generate reports for analyses such as employee calendar, sick and vacation day reports, tardiness reports, shift schedules, department schedules, group schedules, personal schedules and more. Various reports are available for daily, weekly and monthly time periods.


PC Magazine: "The perfect tool for any sort of staff scheduling."

PC Computing: "Assigning work shifts has never been simpler.". . ."It's an effective and easy-to-use solution that accommodates almost any scheduling situation."

Windows Magazine: "VSS PRO is an easy-to-use program that can help you do a better job of managing and scheduling personnel."

Louis D. Evans, United Airlines: "VSS PRO makes sure I have the right number of people scheduled at the right time. It's easy to use, flexible, and inexpensive. I would recommend VSS PRO to anyone."

Michael A. Shedor, The Hertz Corp: "VSS PRO is flexible and dependable. It cut our scheduling time by two-thirds."

Gail Marquez, HEALTHSOUTH Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital: "VSS PRO is concise, precise, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use! It's the perfect staffing program for healthcare facilities."

Jim Boll, National Park Service: "I love VSS PRO! It makes scheduling staff at multiple locations a snap."

Customers range from thousands of small and mid-size companies and organizations to well-known organizations such as AT&T,, American Red Cross, Bank of America, CBS, Cellular One, Chevron, Coca Cola Enterprises, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, FAA, FBI, Federal Express, General Electric, Harley Davidson, Hertz, Kaiser Permanente, Lowe's, Miami Police Department, National Weather Service, New York Fire Department (FDNY), Pepsi, Pfizer, Sears, Southwestern Bell, St Judes Childrens Research Hospital, Target, United Airlines, US Air Force, US Customs, Walt Disney World, Washington Post, Wells Fargo, Westinghouse, YMCA and many others.

Technical Specifications

  • A personal computer with a Pentium Processor (75+ MHz, and at least 64 MB of memory)
  • One CD-ROM drive and a hard disk with at least 20 MB of free disk space for VSS Pro files, plus additional disk space for schedule files
  • Windows operating system: 2000/XP/Vista
  • A mouse supported by Microsoft Windows is recommended
  • A compatible monitor supported by Microsoft Windows (VSS Pro supports VGA and Super VGA monitors; however, an SVGA monitor is recommended)
  • An optional printer supported by Microsoft Windows

90 DAY GUARANTEE ON Visual Staff Scheduler PRO!

Licensing Information.

Please note that the number of users requested below is to indicate the number of computers that need to have the software installed. A single user/scheduler could schedule any number of employees using a single user license.

Multi-user benefits include:

  • The ability to share your schedule information with others (read-write or read-only)
  • Easily communicate schedule changes
  • Eliminate redundant time-off requests by allowing users to view time-off availability
  • Provide your staff with the most current schedule information
  • Save time by letting your staff view/print schedules