Human Resources Software

Human Resources Software

As a human resources professional, you know that there are never enough hours in the day to tackle all the challenges you are facing. The HR software tools at MBAWare are designed to squeeze some extra time into your busy day by streamlining your tasks and processes at a cost-effective price (most products cost between $100 to $1,000).

Browse through the human resources software selections below to see how you can increase your professional effectiveness today!

401K Employee Training Software

Getting the most from your 401K program requires that your employees can make competent investment choices. Help your employees learn the basics of investing using an acclaimed training course.

Employee Management Software

Our employee management software selections help you tackle personnel issues from tracking employee information to staff scheduling to performance evaluations.

Employee Survey Software

Want to know what your employees really think? Use this award-winning software to survey your employees' opinions and act on their input to maximize employee motivation and productivity.

Human Resources (HR) Policies

Software and templates for professionally documenting your HR policies and Employee Handbook.

Interviewing Software / Hiring Software

Software to manage the interviewing and hiring process to ensure that only the best employees are hired.

Organization Chart Software

Our organization chart software offerings help you quickly create and distribute attractive organization charts for dynamic businesses and other organizations.

Project Management Software and Books

We offer a range of project management software tools to effectively deliver your projects on time and within the budget. Our software offerings run the range of project management tasks including: general project management (FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft Project) software for small to mid size projects (Project KickStart) brainstorming and facilitating inital project tasks and resources (MindManager) managing projects with high risks and uncertainties (RiskyProject) process improvement projects (Pathmaker)

Staff Scheduling Software

We offer the industry leading staff scheduling software solution to ensure the optimal coverage for your organization. Which one is right for you? If you want to schedule employees who work in shifts (e.g. hospitals, fire departments, police departments, call centers), then you will want to choose Visual Staff Scheduler Pro. If your employees are scheduled by customer appointments, then you will want Customer Appointment Manager.

Time Tracking and Attendance Software

Need to keep track of all of your employees to know who has worked when? Save time by quickly and visually tracking the time, attendance and absences of your employees. Save money by quickly identifying employee absence problems before they become severe.