Software for CFOs, Controllers and Finance Pros

Software for CFOs, Controllers and Finance Pros

We offer a range of financial software products designed to help you analyze and improve your organization's financial effectiveness and efficiency. Among our most popular and recommended resources for CFOs are:

Accounting Policies and Procedures

Quickly set up internal controls and document your accounting policies and procedures.

Business Plan Software

Award winning software for developing powerful, professional business plans for your own business or for your clients.

Business Process Management Software

Documenting, re-engineering, simulating and analyzing business processes.

Business Strategy Software

Analyze and plan your business's or client's overall business, product and marketing strategy.

Business Valuation Software

An accurate, up-to-date valuation is critical for any business. Some common uses for business valuations include: buying or selling a business; mergers and acquisitions (M&A); pricing shares for new investors; private company incentive and stock plans; evaluating business performance; litigation support and much more. (For more detail, see additional uses and costs for business valuations.) Use the valuation software trusted for accurate, credible business valuations. We offer the ValuSource line of software that has been widely used for 20 years by the customers who require the most accurate valuations available: CPAs, CFOs and certified valuation analysts. ValuSource products are recommended by the most important professional organizations such as the AICPA and NACVA. Whether you are valuing your own company or performing business valuation services for others, you need a solution whose results you can trust. Click here for a comparison matrix of our valuation software offerings. If you are just starting out with business valuations, we suggest you purchase one of our Business Valuation Books to fully understand the theory behind the various valuation methods used in our software.

Business Valuation/Mergers and Acquisitions Books

Our line of business valuation reference books will help you understand the details of business valuation theory so you can generate the most accurate valuations possible. Our mergers and acquisitions selections describe the latest research and knowledge involving mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, leveraged buyouts and more for both tangible and intangible assets such as intellectual property. Also, please consider our Business Valuation Software and Finance and Accounting Books offerings.

Excel Add-Ins

Excel add-ins can dramatically extend the power of your Excel spreadsheets. Add-ins become a part of Excel and add new, powerful business and analysis functions.

Finance and Accounting Books

We focus on authoritative books that are regularly referenced from the bookshelves of discriminating finance and accounting professionals rather than the latest bestsellers that you read once and throw away. Please see our Business Valuation/Mergers and Acquisitions Books in their own separate book section.

Financial Ratio Analysis Software

Financial ratios are one of the simplest and most powerful methods of analyzing the performance and viability of a business. Perform financial ratio analyses on financial statements or add benchmarks to your business analysis with our industry averages and statistics. Need help choosing? Compare our financial analysis software offerings.

Forecasting Software

Software to automate forecasts for sales, marketing, finance or manufacturing using trend analyses, time series analyses, various regression analyses and other advanced forecasting techniques.

Investment Software

Software for learning the basics of investing and determining the value of a business.

Risk Management Software

The constantly changing business environment creates an ever increasing variety of risks from a range of sources. Our risk management software offerings provide tools to help you mitigate those risks by establishing controls or accurately analyzing the business impact of the risk to make more informed decisions.

Sarbanes-Oxley Software and Resources

We offer a range of products to assist with your Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 compliance. We offer books and a course to gain an understanding of the act itself and to provide a road map to your compliance efforts. The Accounting and Computer/Network Policies, Procedures and Forms are sets of detailed, pre-written policies to get a jump start on your own documentation efforts of internal financial and IT controls. AllClear is the fastest way to graphically design, chart, and maintain your business process documentation diagrams. BizBench helps you to assess risks in your supply chain by performing financial analyses with benchmarks on your suppliers.

Treasury Management Software

Our treasury management software selections help automate aspects of your treasury operations or provide complex analytics to better analyze and manage your accounts.