FastTrack Schedule

Macintosh $349.00
Windows $349.00
FastTrack Schedule

Easy to use, professional strength project management software priced to fit your budget.

FastTrack offers a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Project with all the scheduling and tracking power you require at a price that will fit your budget. FastTrack Schedule is the industry-leading project management tool for the Mac and brings the same intuitive ease of use to the Windows version.


Use FastTrack Schedule to Effectively Manage Your Project to Completion

  • Start a project from scratch or take an initial project plan exported from MindManager and use FastTrack Schedule's high-end tools to professionally manage the project to completion.
  • Enter information and set up your project quickly. FastTrack Schedule is full of productivity tools so you can enter dates, times, tasks and resources as quickly as possible.
  • Effectively Track Your Project Plan. FastTrack Schedule provides all the tools you need to track and manage your project tasks, milestones and resources. Manage your critical path and resource utilization.
  • Clearly Present and Communicate Your Project Plan. From attractive Gantt charts to Calendar or Resource Views, FastTrack Schedule provides all the information you need to manage and communicate your project.
  • Quickly Share Your Project Information. Export schedules back as MindManager maps. Import, export or exchange data in a wide variety of formats including Microsoft Project, databases, spreadsheets, XML, ASCII and more.


Small Business Technology Magazine - Top 10 Product of 2006: "A Windows and Macintosh cross-platform project planning, tracking and management application that is full-featured but easy to use. Built to standard project management practices, this well designed application deftly handles data for activities, scheduling, resources and related costs with a broad range of implementation options from the project summary view to the fine detail of intraday processes and progress. An excellent tool for small businesses that need to plan and execute projects for themselves or their customers."

MacWorld, 4 Stars: "Professional-strength project management software. . .FastTrack Schedule is for people who are serious about planning and executing their projects. It provides newcomers with excellent starting points, with templates and examples to follow. . .For experienced project managers who are escaping from Microsoft Project, FastTrack Schedule 9.0.1 is the program to trust."

Government Computer News: "FastTrack Schedule 9 is easy to learn, but the key to getting its real advantages is keeping all the data up-to-date. The benefit is overall efficiency across multiple projects. . .We were consistently pleased with how the program could think ahead and alert us to planning conflicts as they arose."

Information Week: "FastTrack Schedule 9 lives up to its name… a get-to-the-point, just-the-facts, ma'am, scheduler, report writer, and resource-tracking tool. . .The project layout tools are intuitive, as are the resource allocation tools and reporting features. This made entering information easy and straightforward. Reporting has been a major focus of FastTrack since its inception, and it shows. Twenty minutes later, we had a moderately sized project entered, with resources assigned and a Gant chart printed, ready to brief. After the briefing with the boss, a follow-on presentation was needed to brief the management team; FastTrack 9's ability to integrate with Microsoft PowerPoint made preparing this briefing easy. We were converts."

eWeek: "Companies looking for an alternative to Microsoft's Project or a way to bring Mac OS users into a Project environment will find AEC Software's FastTrack Schedule 9 a cost-effective and well-designed option. . .I like the way FastTrack Schedule makes project management more approachable for users who aren't skilled in that art, while still providing plenty of useful tools for managing project complexities such as costing and dependencies."