Online Business Valuation (OBV)

One Week Subscription $147.00
One Year Subscription $197.00
Online Business Valuation (OBV)

Business Owners and shareholders love OBV because it’s fast, inexpensive and easy to use. In 30 minutes or less, an owner can obtain a reasonable estimate of value for his/her business without financial training. When the time and expense of a professional valuation aren’t necessary, Online Business Valuation (OBV) is the answer.

6 Reasons to Use OBV to Value Your Business Now

  1. OBV provides a reasonable estimate of the value of your business, backed by a comprehensive report*, in 30 minutes for $147. Love it or your money back. Get all the reports you want in one year for only $197.
  2. OBV uses 8 valuation methods and our database of over 30,000 actual sales of small businesses.
  3. You can use OBV without financial training.
  4. OBV is a web-based service, so there is no software to install, no PC issues to deal with.
  5. An encrypted, secure connection keeps your business data safe.
  6. You could be making bad business decisions affecting the value of your business if you don’t really know what your business is worth.